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Digital signage that stands out is more than just a naked screen on the wall.

Screens are everywhere. We wake up with them; we go to bed with them. They’re on refrigerators, gas pumps, toilet stall walls, taxi seat backs, and of course they’re an ever-growing presence on our walls. We wear them, we stare at them and most people under 35 seem to have them glued to the palm… Read more »

The Right Bank Chooses the Right Digital Signage Provider. Makes sense, Right?

When you operate under the moniker, “The Right Bank”, you had better be delivering service that’s “right” or your customers might start to disbelieve you. Well, that was the case for Pacific Continental Bank when it came to their digital signage, merchandising and kiosks in their branches. They had a jumbled mess on their hands…. Read more »

Animating Fun for Financial Institutions

To take full advantage of the benefits offered by in-branch digital signage and kiosks, your messages need to come alive through the power of motion and animation. Static images, slides and syndicated content does nothing for your brand to help it differentiate your organization in the commoditized world of financial services retailing. Custom branded content… Read more »

Kiosk & Display’s Longtime Client, Peachstate FCU, Featured in CUES Magazine

We love it when our clients and our digital merchandising platforms are profiled in the press. In a CUES Magazine article, Kristen Patton, SVP/Marketing at Peachstate FCU, explained how the credit union leverages the award-winning iPoster digital merchandising solution for local events, Facebook feeds, Smart Tips, promotions, weather and more. Check out how she incorporates… Read more »

Savings Institute Bank & Trust Likes K&D-produced Facebook Movie

You may recall reading about the custom branded events-based smartphone app that Kiosk & Display created and developed for Savings Institute Bank & Trust. It was designed as a way to put the bank’s marketing literally into the hands of their customers and was built to celebrate the opening of a new branch. You can… Read more »

Hybrid Digital Signage the Next Big Thing?

Looks like Kiosk & Display has been designing hybrid digital signage for years… we just didn’t know it had an official name. We’ve been long-time proponents of incorporating environmental elements and surrounds around our digital merchandising screens. The more you can incorporate the screen into its surroundings and make it look seamless, the better attention… Read more »

Digital Merchandising Isn’t Just for Consumer-facing Messages

Looking for additional ways to justify investing in branch digital merchandising? Or maybe you have a digital messaging platform already and you want to capitalize on more functionality? Well, here’s an idea for you. Kiosk & Display recently partnered with long-time client, Flagstar Bank, to deliver important messages to branch staff via the award-winning K&D… Read more »

Kiosk & Display Client Feature – Univest Bank and Trust Company

Univest Bank and Trust Company’s new financial center prototype is a technological marvel and they’re not afraid to put digital messaging front and center. Everyone entering the Newtown financial center is greeted by a huge video wall that also brands the space 24/7 with its great outward visibility. K&D ganged three vertical thin bezel screens into one… Read more »

Kiosk & Display Client Feature – Savings Institute Bank & Trust

Savings Institute Bank & Trust’s newest branch embraces the latest technology from Kiosk & Display that recognizes digital messaging occurs both inside and outside the brick & mortar environment. Inside, the Bank deploys a fully interactive touch-screen kiosk designed to illicit engagement and conversation between customers and branch associates. Features include secure access to online… Read more »

Kiosk & Display Client Feature – Michigan First Credit Union

Michigan First Credit Union’s Gratiot financial center is a technological marvel connected in part by a complete suite of Kiosk & Display products and services. The large branch provides a nice balance of technologically oriented self-service solutions combined with plenty of human interaction points, all designed for members to truly bank anyway they want. Upon… Read more »

Flexible message templates from K&D allow easy localization

Our client, First Community Bank, wanted a motivating way to get customers to use their VISA Check Cards as credit transactions, so they offered $500 gift cards as a prize offering. Every credit transaction was an entry into the drawing, so more transactions equaled more chances to win. Kiosk & Display created a flexible message… Read more »

K&D and Truebridge Financial Marketing Collaborate on Digital Signage Content

In collaboration with Truebridge Financial Marketing, The Kiosk & Display Company now offers customer awareness campaign media for banks or credit unions using the Truebridge Financial Marketing system. “In speaking with Stewart Rose at Truebridge, it became clear we had a growing number of shared customers that would benefit from increased customer engagement if we… Read more »

K&D Client, SECU, now has Online Interactive Kiosks in every Branch

Okay, time to brag. Our longtime K&D client, SECU, located in Maryland, has just optimized their entire branch network with state of the art online interactive kiosks that we engineered, designed and installed. Every location now features the SECU kiosk, which offers secure public access to the SECU web site and provides members the tools to… Read more »

Biddeford Savings Embraces Digital Merchandising from Kiosk & Display

Biddeford Savings recently introduced the K&D iPoster Digital Merchandising platform into their Scarborough branch. The large format screen is positioned nicely in a customer-facing location on a well-branded wall. In addition to a well-located installation, the bank was quick to embrace a robust, multi-layered content strategy to engage customers. Their loop content is nicely balanced between… Read more »

Coordinated Multi-Screen Content from K&D is Smart. Einstein Smart.

Hopefully you’re aware that Kiosk & Display can coordinate and synchronize the content on all the various display screens in your branches. From dedicated digital merchandising screens to kiosks to drive-up screens to ATM screens, we’ve got you connected. Not every digital merchandising provider can do this. Fortunately for CCB Community Bank, they were partnered… Read more »

K&D Customizes Touchscreen Interface to Include Branch Locator

You’re in the branch. You’re at the kiosk. You’re checking rates and you’re doing a little online banking. What more could you need? Well, members at our K&D client, SECU told us what they needed. They wanted to know where other branches were located… something we hadn’t considered when designing the interface. No problem. Ask… Read more »

A K&D Special Bulletin: Everything is Nice in Niceville.

Gorgeous and engaging financial services retail environments don’t just happen. They’re well thought out, planned and executed flawlessly. We play an important role in delivering relevant marketing messages as part of the overall retail engagement and strategy and we relish our role. But we are only one contributor amongst a team of experts and this… Read more »

Northfield Savings Bank Installs 24/7 K&D iPoster Digital Signage

As the popularity of 24-hour vestibules soars, financial services retailers are seeking marketing communication delivery solutions that match the continuous access. Northfield Savings Bank and Kiosk & Display engineered the perfect solution recently in a 24/7 ATM lobby by installing an iPoster digital merchandising screen behind an interior glass divider. It’s the perfect combination of… Read more »

Forcht Bank Installs K&D iPoster Digital Merchandising Platform

Forcht Bank, one of the largest bank groups based in Kentucky, just installed a new iPoster digital merchandising platform in a new in-store branch in Louisville. Integrated nicely into branded wall surrounds, there are two screens that flank the dual teller pod for clear line of sight viewing from anywhere in the branch. A third… Read more »

Salem Five Bank Architecturally Integrates Digital Merchandising Screen

Regular readers of the Kiosk & Display blog know how we like to provide branded surrounds and hard-working paper-based merchandising elements to fully integrate digital merchandising screens into the branch environment. See our recent post on Naked Screens here. But a lot of times some of the best ideas come from our clients when it… Read more »

Flagstar Bank Deploys K&D Digital Signage Platform Network-Wide

K&D is pleased to announce that one of our most valued and longstanding digital merchandising clients is rolling out our award-winning digital signage platform across their entire network. Flagstar Bank has been a K&D client since 2004. Like most large networks, Flagstar deployed a variety of digital merchandising delivery systems that accumulated in various configurations over… Read more »

GFCU launches new name and brand with help from Kiosk & Display

Gwinnett Federal Credit Union (GFCU) rebranded and renamed itself Peach State Federal Credit Union (PSFCU) and made the sweeping change on one specific day. Kiosk & Display was there to assist with the changeover for all branches. PSFCU uses a branded Vertical Engagement Station custom-built for them by K&D, so in addition to fresh new… Read more »

Naked screens in the branch need dressing up

Regular readers of Getting Your Message know that your authors at Kiosk & Display are trying to stamp out nudity. Well, not all nudity, but we feel that naked screens in branches are opportunities waiting to be dressed up in your brand identity and positioning. A naked screen can easily be mistaken for simple television… Read more »