K&D Covers the Eclipse

This Monday when North America will experience a total solar eclipse that will darken skies all the way from Oregon to South Carolina, Kiosk and Display will provide safe viewing and live coverage via NASA TV on their digital signage network from 12pm-4pm EST. “It is not every day that we see the moon appear to completely cover… Read more »

Our Most Popular Post for 2015… Feeding the Digital Merchandising Content Appetite

(Repeated from 8/17/15) Creating custom branded content for your digital merchandising platform is an on-going and time-consuming journey. As you may have discovered, having enough fresh, relevant and interesting messages can be a daunting task. Your content strategists at Kiosk & Display know first-hand the hours required to create and develop custom messages, as we… Read more »

Let K&D Add Weather Alerts to Your Weather Feed for Free!

Sometimes general weather information isn’t enough, even if it’s hyper-local. To really be in the know and up-to-date on all weather events in your area, simply contact your K&D representative and tell ‘em you want weather alerts on your news and weather feeds! When the National Weather Service issues any type of Special Statement, our… Read more »

Kennebunk Savings has the K&D Message of the Month for November

Client: Kennebunk Savings Message: Holiday Message Retail Objective: Develop agnostic approach to celebrating the holidays K&D Solution: Animate message with blinking lights and ornaments on a leafless tree in a winter scene Results: Serves as nice transition “bumper” between promotional and brand messages

Do people really get your message? K&D Makes Sure That They Do.

This week in the Content Group at K&D we have started to review clients’ messages with a fresh eye. We are looking to see how we can suggest strengthening messages. While most of the time the extra value we add is with animations and style of presentation within brand communication, we find increasingly that we… Read more »

Claremont Savings Bank has the K&D Message of the Month for October

Client: Claremont Savings Bank Message: We’re with You for Every Step of Your Life Retail Objective: Emphasis on social channels, digital channels to stay connected K&D Solution: Image of lifestyle activities in the shape of the Claremont Savings Bank logo Results: Gaining widespread attention in the branches

Allegacy Federal Credit Union has the K&D Message of the Month for September

Client: Allegacy Federal Credit Union Message: Visualize Allegacy’s commitment to curing breast and ovarian cancer Retail Objective: Encourage donations via the Duck Fundraiser for Ponds of Hope K&D Solution: To have a little fun with the imagery; use of rubber ducks add levity Results: Member Service Representatives report strong interest and donations

Who’s watching your playlist? Kiosk & Display is, that’s who.

You probably think that once your digital merchandising playlist is set, that’s the end of any human involvement and everything is totally automated. With most digital content providers, you would be right. Not so at Kiosk & Display. We review playlists for potential errors or problems on a daily basis. We actually look at your… Read more »

CCB Community Bank has the K&D Message of the Month for August

Client: CCB Community Bank Message: Mortgage decisions made quickly that fit your needs Retail Objective: Communicate that the bank will be with you every step of the way K&D Solution: Combine animation with video for “interactive-looking” content Results: More loans at the planning and construction stage

Fidelity Bank has the K&D Kiosk Message of the Month for July

Client: Fidelity Bank Message: You’ve got questions about finances. Fidelity Bank has answers. Retail Objective: Create an engaging, interactive kiosk loop to encourage dialogue. K&D Solution: Audio and robust animation help bring clarity to complex issues. Results: “Let’s meet” interactive button is getting pressed a lot.

Allegacy FCU has the April K&D Digital Merchandising Message of the Month

Client: Allegacy Federal Credit Union Message: Welcome Business Partners to Latest Allegacy Branch Retail Objective: Tribute for local business partners as Allegacy Celebrates new Branch Opening K&D Solution: Feature the Allegacy Wellness Guru Results: Successful Opening of Greensboro, NC Branch This message is created using the Quick Change system from K&D. These messages can be changed… Read more »

SECU kicks off the New Year with the K&D Merchandising Message of the Month for January

Client: SECU Message: Mobile Banking Retail Objective: Promote the anytime, anywhere accessibility of SECU’s mobile banking K&D Solution: Combined an arresting visual of a smartphone shaped like a wallet with an intriguing headline to stand out on digital screens throughout the branch. Results: Adoption of SECU’s mobile app is on the rise

Stoneham Bank has the K&D Merchandising Message of the Month for August

Client: Stoneham Bank Message: Welcome to Optimum Banking Retail Objective: Develop an overview of what Optimum Banking means to the customer K&D Solution: Crafting a balance of brand, product, service and community messaging Results: Provides a comprehensive overview of what differentiates Stoneham Bank [topswf swf=’https://kioskanddisplay.com/home_featured/swfs/stoneham_withpreloader.swf’ width=’240′ height=’426′]