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Get your Spark on at CUNA 2017. Free Champagne at our Booth Bar will help.

TKA_CUNA-Postcard_6x11-05We’re made to engage at Kiosk & Display, but for a couple of days at the end of March, we’ll be made to sparkle as we once again participate in the dazzling CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council 2017 Conference in San Antonio at the Marriott Rivercenter. It’s right on the River Walk and is being held March 29th to April 1st.

As you sip the bubbles, you’ll also get the chance to see what makes K&D sparkle time and time again by our creative approach to digital signage and custom branded content. Our messaging engages the member with our award-winning approach to animated fun. Fun like we have with State Employee Credit Union and their campaigns we design, animate, schedule and distribute:

“We love Kiosk & Display. They always add something fun when they animate our ads.”

– Senior Graphic Designer, SECU

So get out of your comfort zone, come by our booth and give the only full-service interactive digital signage agency a look. If our work doesn’t get your spark going, maybe our champagne will.

Oh, and if free champagne is just getting your party started, then you’ll want to join us for our dinner event. Just ask any of us in the booth for details.

Learn More About SECU Animation Strategy.

Jon VanderMeerJon VanderMeer is the owner, Chief Experience Officer and President Business Development at Kiosk & Display Company. 
Kiosk & Display is a full-service interactive digital signage agency – made to engage.

The Right Bank Chooses the Right Digital Signage Provider. Makes sense, Right?

2017-01-25_08-09-54 2017-01-24_14-33-16When you operate under the moniker, “The Right Bank”, you had better be delivering service that’s “right” or your customers might start to disbelieve you. Well, that was the case for Pacific Continental Bank when it came to their digital signage, merchandising and kiosks in their branches.

They had a jumbled mess on their hands. Their touch screens didn’t work properly and the digital signage didn’t support social media feeds – resulting in redundant work. The Marketing Department was going crazy with all the extra time they were having to spend managing the platform.

The award-winning Kiosk & Display iPoster digital signage platform got everything working together seamlessly and completely eliminated all the stumbling blocks:

“We are thrilled with Kiosk & Display – they got it right when others could not.  We can fully recommend them.”

– A. Delaney, Vice President, Marketing Director, Pacific Continental Bank

At Kiosk & Display, our digital signage and content are made to engage your customers with your messaging. It’s also made to work. Need help with your system? Give us a call and we’ll make it right.

Jon VanderMeerJon VanderMeer is the owner, Chief Experience Officer and President Business Development at Kiosk & Display Company. 
Kiosk & Display is a full-service interactive digital signage agency – made to engage.

Animating Fun for Financial Institutions

SECip20130308_CkngCommitment_13x7-02 editLIVETo take full advantage of the benefits offered by in-branch digital signage and kiosks, your messages need to come alive through the power of motion and animation. Static images, slides and syndicated content does nothing for your brand to help it differentiate your organization in the commoditized world of financial services retailing. Custom branded content with arresting movement is what will catch the viewer’s eye in your branch.

At Kiosk & Display, we work with most of our clients on animating their existing brand messages. Often times we will receive artwork for a poster or some other collateral piece and our content designers add the visual fun to garner attention. This cost-effective approach to repurposing existing content is a great way to expand the power of a tightly integrated campaign.

Take the recent checking account promotion we created for SECU. Using supplied content from the client, K&D animated a disappearing engagement ring to create a visual metaphor for fear of commitment and flitting with opening a new account… no strings attached. Or the addition of a rubber ducky floating around in a bath tub to promote mortgages. Our client was quite pleased:

“We love Kiosk & Display. They always add something fun when they animate our ads.”

– Senior Graphic Designer, SECU

A full-service digital signage company should be willing to help you bring your messages to life through animation and movement. If they aren’t, you’re engaging with wrong partner.

Jon VanderMeerJon VanderMeer is the owner, Chief Experience Officer and President Business Development at Kiosk & Display Company. 
Kiosk & Display is a full-service interactive digital signage agency – made to engage.

5 Ways to Boost Employee Communications

5 Ways to Boost Employee CommunicationsIt happens. We write, create, live and breathe our communications but your employees just don’t get the message. “They’re avoiding us,” we cry as we lose sleep, time and motivation because it feels like our audience just doesn’t care.

So what causes this apparent lack of listening? Consider these 5 basic reasons:

  • People learn differently.
  • People don’t understand business babble.
  • People are overwhelmed with info they can’t use.
  • People think they don’t matter.
  • People don’t see how they make a difference.

Here are 5 ways to fix it.

1) Messages Made Many Ways

Keep employees in the know by delivering messages in more formats – written, verbal and audiovisual. Including messages in meetings, digital signage, text or social channels boosts different learning styles.

2) Make it Clear and On Point

Speed your business up using clear language so employees can quickly find and use necessary information. Staying on point saves everyone time, and your business money.

3) Deliver When Needed

Improve employee focus by delivering messages only when employees need and can act on them. Use digital signs at entrance for daily goals and at exit for afterwork reminders.

4) Feature Feedback

Increase engagement by displaying helpful feedback on digital screens, in emails and in meetings. Encourage more feedback by calling for comments via phone, text or email as messages are presented.

5) Share Goal Milestones

Reach goals faster by showing daily or weekly progress on-screen. Work with digital providers like Kiosk & Display to connect data to your screens realtime. Feature star worker contributions and group efforts with progress updates.

It may feel overwhelming to apply all these fixes; don’t. Pick one to do each time you develop a message, then note your results. Not sure which to pick? Start with by making messages “…Clear and On Point”. Here is a checklist that can help.

Everything you do: to be clear, to target learning styles, to deliver when needed, to encourage feedback, and to reach goals—helps reach your audience.

Sharon KSharon Klocek-Ibbotson writes about digital signage, communications, branding and marketing ideas for businesses and financial institutions. Sharon is a mom, geek, marketer, music-lover and the Content Strategy & Development Leader at Kiosk & Display Company. Her opinions are her own. 

The Kiosk & Display Company is a full-service interactive digital signage agency – made to engage. We create and curate displays that work, inform and inspire, fitting both need and brand.

Simple Encounters

An Actionable Idea Marketing Blog for Banks & Credit Unions by Sharon Klocek-Ibbotson

Simple EncountersSorry, the title “Simple Encounters” just makes me smile with a mischievous grin, so I am going to keep it. I guess I got tired of using the word ENGAGEMENT when talking about our customers. It sounds like so much WORK. When I think about putting myself in the shoes of anyone whose job it is to start conversations and interact with customers or potential customers, I want it to be, well, fun! Fun is much much more motivating, right?

So, let’s muse on how can we build fun, simple encounters—because we could all use a little help sometimes thinking about what to say to the next person you meet on the street, in the field, branch, floor or store.

Consider these ideas:

Keep in mind that the key here is to be true to your personalityquirky, sporty, proper, funny, laid back… all works as long as it is true to you, and fits the standards of your organization’s brand. My personality is a bit quirky and that is reflected in the examples below. 

Self Check:

It’s pretty simple, just check-in with yourself. How do you feel? Happy, hungry, ready to crash? Are you bursting with energy, ready for a night on the town or to curl up with a good book? Once you know, say it out loud to the next person near you. “I’m so hungry I could eat my elbow…” or “a whole brown cow” or “an entire cabbage patch.” Just keep it real to you. If they respond you have successfully started a conversation. If not, it is time to turn it around with a “How about you, are you hungry?”

Of course if you are doing a demo, or imparting key information, it helps if you have a way to incentivize (is that a real word? ugh; sounds like marketing speak)… strike that, let’s say motivate the customer to take that next step. Giveaways like candy, granola bars, a tasty drink, or even yes—a chip clip can be enough to motivate someone to listen to a demo if it is short, painless and made fun.


A little bit harder, depending on: your personality, how much you practice, or have done people watching. Observing is just like it sounds. You observe the person you wish to speak to next, and look or listen for something you have an interest in. That could be something they are wearing, something they are saying or something that happens to them. Then you speak up. “Wow, I love your socks, my sister Xena would so love those—where did you get them?” or “Did you say you like fish tacos? I love fish tacos”, or possibly “Did that purple butterfly just land on your nose?”

Transitioning to your demo, deal or dogma can be as simple as inviting a reverse observation. “So, now it’s your turn; look at me—anything stand out? Have any questions about XYZ topic?”

Shared Experience:

Back to super easy… building an encounter through shared experiences is just talking about what happens to both of you. Get caught in the rain, experience a never-ending line or the shortest line ever?  Talk about it. You can even talk about a lack of weather while handing out sunglasses. “We may not need these sunglasses in here but I KNOW it is sunny outside. Please tell me it is still sunny outside.”

When it is time for your work talk, laugh it up and do your best to keep if fun. “OK, so I am betting you might need these sunglasses to share with your dog, or you, or your Aunt Edna. All I need to do is show you this one cool [insert product or service here] and we can rest assured your dog’s eyes will be safe from the sun or superhero lightning bolts for the ride home.”

Shared Concerns:

Now I want to be careful here. Far too often everything from shoes to breath mints are sold on identifying and playing on customer fears. Even our news has been polluted with this style of communication. DON’T DO THAT! What I am suggesting is identifying a shared concern not related to your product or service to start a conversation vs. using fear to create worry. For example: “I don’t know about you but I am worried that I am going to have blisters on my feet by the end of this festival. Would you like some band-aids too?”  or “I don’t know about you but I am worried these short lines mean I don’t have enough time to tell customers about my crazy [xyz] hobby”.

Continue to keep fear-based selling out of your offer by asking not telling, if you might share any concerns. For example, “Now that I have shared my crazy concern, do you have any [business related] concerns I might share and can help you with on behalf of [XYZ organization]?” If they don’t have any concerns, you can ask them if they wish to take a ten-question quiz that can help identify common concerns for which you have quick helpful answers for.


Yes, curiosity killed the cat but I assure you that will NOT happen here – LOL! This is just a wonderful, genuine way to open a conversation. How? Just be curious, about anything—why they came today, what is their favorite food, if they like the new color uniforms for the local baseball team. Just wonder and ask. You don’t have anything to lose. Try something crazy or silly like “I wonder if you drove here today in a blue car, with more than four lollipops tucked between the seats?”  A great guess if they look like a parent or a sugar-loving millennial.

Take the conversation further by asking them to be curious about you or any of the service or products they might guess you offer. You can even offer examples.

So, that’s it. Try self-check, observations, shared experience, shared concerns, and curiosity to make connections with others. Remember to keep it fun, keep it real and keep it true to you. If people don’t engage, do your best to let it roll off you. It is not a reflection on you, and no one knows what life challenges may have caused those blank expressions in the unresponsive. Just smile, wish them well and look for your next person to connect with. Enjoy getting simple encounters done with a smile – even a mischievous one.

Can’t wait to see you out there.

Sharon KSharon Klocek-Ibbotson writes about actionable marketing ideas for Banks & Credit Unions. Sharon is a mom, geek, marketer, sci-fi book-lover and the Content Strategy & Development Leader at Kiosk & Display Company. Her opinions are her own. 

Kiosk & Display’s Longtime Client, Peach State FCU, Featured in CUES Magazine

Peach State InstallWe love it when our clients and our digital merchandising platforms are profiled in the press. In this CUES Magazine article, Kristen Patton, SVP/Marketing at Peach State FCU, explains how the credit union leverages the award-winning iPoster digital merchandising solution for local events, Facebook feeds, Smart Tips, promotions, weather and more. Check out how she incorporates multiple size screens across her network and is always utilizing them for deeper engagement with members.

Suck It Up and Throw It Out

An Actionable Idea Marketing Blog for Banks & Credit Unions by Sharon Klocek-Ibbotson

We have all had one of those marketing projects that just failed. It may have had all the right people, and parts, and ideas… but the result? Well, it just sucks. Sometimes it is SO hard to say that out loud. Everyone around you has invested in this idea. It may have been yours! <laughs self-consciously to self> No one wants to waste their time. So how do you convince yourself, your team and your boss to throw out this marketing snafu and start again?

It sounds too simple but you start by doing a group review. Everyone gets a say what does and does not work about it out loud. You talk honestly. You listen and consider. Can it be fixed without throwing out the source material? What would we change if we started over? What is to be gained from a total redo?

In my case, it was a marketing video for our web site. It WAS my idea. “Let’s make a video for our website featuring our people and key offerings,” I said. Of course, I was elected to go first. We were working on a budget so we shot it at my house in a not quite big enough room. The backdrop we agreed on ended up very dark and wrinkled and no amount of kick light, back light or steam iron could fix it before we had to roll cameras. We thought we could do this as an interview style discussion, but this required me to keep way more facts in my challenged brain than could reemerge for a good take. Everyone on set was frustrated and pushing to “get through it.”

We group reviewed the final cut with the entire team and our president, and yes, it sucked. I thought maybe we were stuck with it. So, I was VERY proud that after 45 mins. of team discussion, we all agreed we should throw it out and push that big red redo button.

What we learned was: Sharon needs a Teleprompter, we needed a bigger space without natural light interference, we needed to take time up front and agree on the framing in camera and make sure our background was clean and popped visually, and most importantly we needed to keep fun and humor a part of the shoot so we could get that energy into the video and a smile on the talent.

The second shoot was fun. Our director, Steve reminded us about keeping positive energy, so I asked for a joke to start us off. Greg, delivered the perfect laugh and kept them coming by making every scene slate funny (yes we had a clapper!) with a different voice, language or play on words. I would smile before every take as that slate clapper came over my face – potentially taking my nose off. We ALL took turns doing something that made us laugh. The result? We felt like rock stars by the end of the shoot. We checked our work twice before we broke down because we knew we had something much better in the can. We can’t wait for the final cut.

So don’t be afraid to suck it up and throw it out. You just might make something wonderful happen when you “Begin Again”.*

* an awesome song by one of my favorite bands, Purity Ring.

Just because you’re capable of re-roofing the house doesn’t mean you should. Approaching digital signage content creation is a similar journey.

Frustrated with DIY?You know how to figure the square footage of your roof. You know how to buy shingles and have them delivered. You know that you and your brother-in-law can carry the shingle squares up to the roof. And you’re fairly confident that you can lay them out in an almost perfect line. What else is there to it? But will you do it? Hell no.

Creating your own digital signage content in-house follows the same decision path. Yes, you are capable of developing the script, acquiring the assets, editing the files together, formatting the files for all the different delivery screens, aspect ratios and file sizes. You can program the messages, schedule the delivery and vary all that by branch and even by zone in the branch.

You could do all that, but what else would you get done? And since digital content creation is not your primary job… how would it all really turn out?

Probably the same way that DIY roofing job would turn out.

Give us a call at Kiosk & Display to handle all your digital signage requirements. It’s all we do. It will turn out well. Oh, and by the way, please call us before you get up on that roof.

What are multichannel messaging packages? Free Webinar Invitation.

Multichannel MessagesCreating graphics for all your marketing channels is a lot of work. You know the story:

  1. A single campaign graphic gets approved.
  2. Then your work starts.
  3. You repurpose that graphic into 22 other channel formats, videos, sizes. You never finish them all. Updating each channel for a single campaign takes too much time, it doesn’t get done. Channels suffer.

Let K&D feed all of your hungry channels.

  • Social Media Videos
  • Drive Up Screens
  • Outdoor Screens
  • Lobby Screens
  • Web Banners
  • ATM
  • More!

Invest 15 minutes in learning whether if this will be useful to you
Register here for webinar Thursday 6/30/2016 2pm!

Happy K&D Client!


My Onsite Observations from the Recent 2016 Financial Brand Forum

img_2696-e1466115024100-768x576Recently K&D exhibited and sponsored the Financial Brand Forum. Our own Sharon Klocek-Ibbotson files this report from her first-hand perspective:

  1. I loved hearing a rebel with a cause – Arkadi Kuhlmann, author of The Orange Code, told the story of ING Direct and how he worked to change the way banking was done. Arkadi was both practical and empathetic as a marketing leader.  He energized his brand with happy passion starting with his brand color orange – happy (yellow) and passion (red) while also working to reengineer his customers so they fit the model of the company he built. He showed what was possible, by example, things we often hear can’t be done.
  2. I loved MoonShot Thinking. Luvleen Sidhu, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at BankMobile gave a great talk on disrupting banking in the digital revolution.  Inspiring all of us to be disrupters for good by using Moonshot thinking to go beyond baseline goals and move financial services to exactly what customers crave.
  3. I LOVE LOVE Loved NPR’s Shankar Vedantam’s “Hidden Brain” Keynote. I was already a fan through NPR but Shankar applied all his research so well to marketing and really made everyone in the room think about how they could use the way we are wired to make our marketing efforts more successful. Turns out having others teach about your financial institution helps them adopt it as their own. Gosh, that makes me want to sit in a room of marketers right now and brain storm how to creatively make that happen.

I am so glad to have been at the Forum since day one. It has grown and just keeps on getting better.  This year’s icing on the cake was seeing SO many clients and ABA School of Bank Marketing Classmates. We enjoyed sharing our Sponsor perks with two lucky clients in our Penthouse Suite. The suite was also HQ for after parties and conversations with past ABA Bank Marketing Classmates and new contacts who came up for champagne and truffles and stayed to have conversations about digital media.

About Sharon:

Sharon KSharon Klocek-Ibbotson is the Creative Services Director of Kiosk & Display. Sharon focuses on content strategies, services and product development for her group which is based in our Rochester, NY office with a team of designers, programmers and developers.