The Details Matter When it Comes to Digital Merchandising Content

By now you should know that everyone here at Kiosk & Display geeks out over the small stuff. Our attention to detail is what separates our content development and customer service from our competition. We’re always striving to make sure your marketing messages are the best that they can be so that all the people… Read more »

Interactivity and Engagement Signage Continues to Evolve

There’s a lot of creative minds at work in the retail digital signage world. Many fantastic applications are being developed and deployed everyday that stretch the imagination. Most involve some sort of human/technology combination that truly embraces and engages the consumer/participant. This involvement sears the experience into the user’s brand pleasure zone that develops the… Read more »

Allegacy Federal Credit Union has the K&D Message of the Month for September

Client: Allegacy Federal Credit Union Message: Visualize Allegacy’s commitment to curing breast and ovarian cancer Retail Objective: Encourage donations via the Duck Fundraiser for Ponds of Hope K&D Solution: To have a little fun with the imagery; use of rubber ducks add levity Results: Member Service Representatives report strong interest and donations

Who’s watching your playlist? Kiosk & Display is, that’s who.

You probably think that once your digital merchandising playlist is set, that’s the end of any human involvement and everything is totally automated. With most digital content providers, you would be right. Not so at Kiosk & Display. We review playlists for potential errors or problems on a daily basis. We actually look at your… Read more »

Feeding the Digital Merchandising Content Appetite

Creating custom branded content for your digital merchandising platform is an on-going and time-consuming journey. As you may have discovered, having enough fresh, relevant and interesting messages can be a daunting task. Your content strategists at Kiosk & Display know first-hand the hours required to create and develop custom messages, as we do it on… Read more »

Savings Institute Bank & Trust Likes K&D-produced Facebook Movie

You may recall reading about the custom branded events-based smartphone app that Kiosk & Display created and developed for Savings Institute Bank & Trust. It was designed as a way to put the bank’s marketing literally into the hands of their customers and was built to celebrate the opening of a new branch. You can… Read more »

CCB Community Bank has the K&D Message of the Month for August

Client: CCB Community Bank Message: Mortgage decisions made quickly that fit your needs Retail Objective: Communicate that the bank will be with you every step of the way K&D Solution: Combine animation with video for “interactive-looking” content Results: More loans at the planning and construction stage

No Working Media Player Handy for you to Review Content and Animation Loops? No problem, K&D Has…

Keeping up with all the media players and flash animation players can be a source of irritation, not to mention frustration. Add to the situation your organization’s firewalls and IT protocol and quite possibly your computer’s media player (if you have one) will just sit there… frozen in time. And you’re trying to approve the… Read more »

Hybrid Digital Signage the Next Big Thing?

Looks like Kiosk & Display has been designing hybrid digital signage for years… we just didn’t know it had an official name. We’ve been long-time proponents of incorporating environmental elements and surrounds around our digital merchandising screens. The more you can incorporate the screen into its surroundings and make it look seamless, the better attention… Read more »

Ten 15-minute micro presentations of business-building ideas from K&D. Sign up for one or more.

Jump start your sales with any of our impactful and informative micro presentations on industry news, products and services. It’s a short investment on your part that can pay major long-term dividends. You can sign up for one, several or all of them! Choose from: Highlights from the recent Financial Brand Forum Consistent employee messaging… Read more »

Fidelity Bank has the K&D Kiosk Message of the Month for July

Client: Fidelity Bank Message: You’ve got questions about finances. Fidelity Bank has answers. Retail Objective: Create an engaging, interactive kiosk loop to encourage dialogue. K&D Solution: Audio and robust animation help bring clarity to complex issues. Results: “Let’s meet” interactive button is getting pressed a lot.

K&D Guest Blogging: Best of Articles (3 of 3)

This week is our final installment of the recent best of series. We hope you have been enjoying them as much as we do. This is one of our favorite stories because it is so simple. It’s both visual and educational. It takes a common, four-screen digital signage array and demonstrates 4 ways of… Read more »

K&D Guest Blogging: Best of Articles (2 of 3)

For the next two weeks we’re taking popular posts from and making them available to you. We keep up with industry news and it’s always interesting to think about applications from other business categories that apply to the financial services industry. Like today’s post: Full moon: Don’t let this happen to your digital signage…. Read more »

K&D Guest Blogging: Best of Articles

For the next three weeks we’re taking popular posts from and making them available to you. We keep up with industry news and it’s always interesting to think about applications from other business categories that apply to the financial services industry. Like today’s post: Digital signage, it’s not just for lobbies anymore. Hey, we… Read more »

Scale is Important in Selecting Screen Size for Walls

Whoever said size doesn’t matter certainly wasn’t speaking about the size of digital merchandising screens. In fact, size and scale should be driving your screen selection decision. Along with quality and a host of other important features, of course. But size and scale will have the most impact on your branded environmental application. Too small… Read more »

These Aren’t the Message Tickers You Remember

In the early days, digital messaging in the branch consisted of low tech “tickers” that basically allowed short sentences and rates in a constantly scrolling stream. You’ve seen them, and you’ve probably forgotten about them. With all the advancements in digital messaging, including the award-winning iPoster platform from K&D, who can blame you for not… Read more »

2015 Best Digital Signage Examples – Outside of Financial Services

It’s always beneficial to look outside our industry for best practices in digital signage. Some of the leading edge applications surface in food and entertainment (bars) retailers. What strikes us is the proliferation of social media interactivity. Great learning for what could take place in your branches. Check out this article by Alex Ross on… Read more »

Digital Signage Fail at the Post Office

We were in the post office recently to mail those pesky tax returns and what greets us but a well-engineered, well-placed vertical digital sign ready to answer all those mailing questions we have. And there are many. But, we didn’t get any help from this brand engagement, as the sign was dark. Dead. Non-functioning. Collecting… Read more »

Digital Merchandising Isn’t Just for Consumer-facing Messages

Looking for additional ways to justify investing in branch digital merchandising? Or maybe you have a digital messaging platform already and you want to capitalize on more functionality? Well, here’s an idea for you. Kiosk & Display recently partnered with long-time client, Flagstar Bank, to deliver important messages to branch staff via the award-winning K&D… Read more »

Messaging on the Small Screen – New Apps from K&D

K&D cut its teeth direct messaging to consumers on screens other than televisions. We’ve been leading the way in digital signage, bringing brands to life in retail for well over a decade. So it seems pretty natural to us to make a move into the screen de rigueur, the smartphone. Our new events and community… Read more »

Allegacy FCU has the April K&D Digital Merchandising Message of the Month

Client: Allegacy Federal Credit Union Message: Welcome Business Partners to Latest Allegacy Branch Retail Objective: Tribute for local business partners as Allegacy Celebrates new Branch Opening K&D Solution: Feature the Allegacy Wellness Guru Results: Successful Opening of Greensboro, NC Branch This message is created using the Quick Change system from K&D. These messages can be changed… Read more »