Everyone lends a helping hand at GCUA Annual Convention

Kiosk & Display has just returned from the 2013 Georgia Credit Union Affiliates Annual Convention where “helping others” was on everyone’s minds. The theme of “Lending a Helping Hand” rang true and home for a lot of the attendees and served as a great reminder of the true Credit Union mission of believing in members…. Read more »

Social Posts Can Light up Your In-branch Digital Merchandising Screens

Many of our Kiosk & Display clients ask us to put a stream of social media content on their digital merchandising screens. We’re happy to do so and we’ve mastered many configurations and applications of Facebook and Twitter. In the true spirit of transparency, it just seems the right thing to do. Plus, the coveted… Read more »

Repetition and Frequency Even Works for Digital Merchandising

Practitioners of advertising know the old adage that it takes at least 3 impressions of a message to start to make an impact. Many reach and frequency models are built on the 3+ theory. So why not apply the same approach to digital merchandising? New affordable screen prices and wireless technology combine to make most… Read more »

Digital Merchandising takes a walk with Johnnie Walker

When you think of digital merchandising screens in your branches, do you envision the screens simply attached to the wall? If so, you wouldn’t be alone as about 85% of screens get mounted that way. But if you’ve followed this blog over the years, you know that our designers at Kiosk & Display don’t think… Read more »

Digital Merchandising Engagement Through the Looking Glass

Screens are everywhere. Millennials can’t live without them. And they expect you to be on them. So, let’s take it to them, even through the fronts of your branches. Retailers are doing it, so why can’t you? Check out this photo straight from the sidewalk in Lisbon, Portugal. A person directing their own way through… Read more »

Custom-made, brand-centric, community-focused content from K&D

If you’re a regular reader of Getting Your Message, or you’re familiar with the way we approach content development at Kiosk & Display, then you already know about our passion for creating digital merchandising messages that matches your brand. That’s really what sets us apart from our competition and is the key differentiator of our… Read more »

Peach State Federal Credit Union smartly uses Smart Tips

If you’re going to be known as “the smart place to bank”, then you better be able to back that up in your marketing, advertising and digital merchandising. Peach State Federal Credit Union, formerly Gwinnett Federal Credit Union, re-branded itself about two years ago with a financial education position. This serves them well, as education… Read more »

Get Your Branch Staff Engaged With Break Room Messages

Our award-winning K&D iPoster digital merchandising platform does many things well. One feature that sometimes goes underutilized is the ability to take advantage of a second channel of content. Some of our clients utilize a second channel to deliver additional messages into their retail space with a robust hierarchy of multiple messages. Others have discovered… Read more »

Incorporating RSS Feeds into Digital Signage Localizes Your Content

Burlington Vermont, like many northern cities, has periods of intense weather throughout the year. Kiosk & Display’s client, Northfield Savings Bank, saw an opportunity to bring a service to their customers through the use of their digital signage. Working with Kiosk and Display’s content team to run hyper local feeds, such as the local road… Read more »

Energize Your Branches with Interactive Floors, Windows and Tables

As we’ve blogged many times, interactivity is the future of digital merchandising. Engaging your clients at the point of sale and providing a memorable user experience can have long-lasting favorable connections to your brand. At Kiosk & Display, we’re always on the lookout for new technology partners that can bring cutting edge tools to our… Read more »

Details Matter When Choosing Digital Merchandising Screens

You know how something that’s out of place in carefully designed room setting can really drag the entire aesthetics down? Think Marty Crane’s chair in Frasier’s elegant apartment. No matter the care and attention given to everything else, it’s just hard to overlook the aberration. Attention is in the details when it comes to everything… Read more »

Paying it forward at Kiosk & Display

As 2012 comes to an end, it’s time to reflect back on our year, while at the same time looking ahead to 2013. As hopefully you’ve come to learn, at K&D we’re passionate about our clients, our services and our associates. We wouldn’t have a successful business without any of these elements. We’re also passionate… Read more »

The Annual K&D Error Screen Roundup Told Through Pictures

We travel a lot as we visit our clients and prospects throughout our great nation. And we always have our smartphones ready to capture digital signage screens that are blank, frozen or otherwise impaired. You see, we have a passion for making sure every K&D screen is operating 24/7… or at least operating during the… Read more »

A Quick Look at Another Industry Using Digital Signage Like K&D Does

It’s always nice to affirm the technology we select and implement at Kiosk & Display is embraced by other categories of business. We are constantly researching the methodology, the equipment, the placement strategy and the custom content approach utilized by other marketers. So, it was great to see this deployment by worldwide automotive leader, Volvo…. Read more »

K&D Client, MFCU, snags 2nd Place Image Enhancement Award

Recently, the CUES 2012 Golden Mirror Awards were bestowed upon deserving credit unions across the globe. The annual awards process and ceremony honors fantastic, eye-catching marketing materials that warrant recognition. The variety of marketing solutions from budgets big and small entered into this year’s competition and all seemed to highlight one important message: tough times… Read more »

Can You See the Opportunities in Branch Window Displays?

What do most retailers know and practice that financial services retailers don’t? That the outward facing storefront windows can be a powerful advertising and messaging medium. Window displays can be fun, creative, and yes, even an avenue for selling products and services. A few years back a “shopper marketing” research project revealed that foot traffic… Read more »

Anonymous Video Analytics. The next wave in Digital Merchandising.

Anonymous video analytics (AVA) is a strategy for gathering metrics about digital merchandising audience engagement. In the past, marketers could only gather data about how many people passed by a digital sign.  The problem with this method is that many people pass by a digital sign without looking at it. Anonymous video analytics uses embedded… Read more »

Getting Technical with Kiosk & Display – Wiring Matters

Sometimes the latest technology is not our friend. Using digital merchandising screens with VGA (analog) connectors versus the latest HDMI (digital) connectors means your system will be a lot less susceptible to interference from other devices. Branches have all sorts of electronics that can cause interference, such as: copiers; printers; computers; fluorescent lighting; electrical wiring;… Read more »

Getting technical with Kiosk & Display – tips for a smooth install

When installing a new digital merchandising system, there are a lot of details that need to be addressed for a smooth process. For instance, the latest technology is not always the “go-to” solution. Analog or Digital? Using screens with VGA (analog) versus HDMI (digital) inputs mean they will be a lot less susceptible to interference… Read more »

Meritrust CU replaces existing digital merchandising platform with iPoster by K&D.

A huge, nationwide branch merchandising company could not serve the digital merchandising needs of a small credit union in America’s heartland. The marketing department at Meritrust Credit Union, Wichita, had major troubles maintaining and updating content from the big provider. They felt that their existing platform was clumsy to use, that they had to convert… Read more »

K&D Merchandising Message of the Month, September

Client: CCB Community Bank Message: CCB Community Bank is open for small business loans Retail Objective: Announce the availability of small business loans to make new business ideas come to life K&D Solution: Creative use of iconic symbol of closed store front, morphing into a viable business again Result: Lending is up,  perception has changed… Read more »

K&D Installs Industry’s first Dual-sided Digital Sign at SECU

Today we wrap up the extensive coverage of SECU’s super high-tech, 24hr branch located in downtown Baltimore, MD. Kiosk & Display played an integral role in connecting all the digital member touchpoints in the lobby, as well as supplying K&D’s reliable digital merchandising iPoster platform. And of course, it’s all energized by award-winning, custom-created digital… Read more »

Digital Touchpoints from K&D Shine in SECU’s High Tech 24 hr Branch

We’ve been blogging about the SECU UMB branch in recent posts. It is such a rich environment, complete with state-of-the-art digital member touchpoints, that we felt like dedicating the entire month of August to its features. This week we’re going to focus on the video tellers and the two online kiosk stations, one on each… Read more »

Take an Insider’s Peek into to the New SECU High Tech 24hr Branch

In last week’s blog post, we gave you an overview of SECU of Maryland’s new branch of the future near the University of Maryland, Baltimore. You may recall it’s a virtual gem of the latest and greatest branch technology all-in-one super cool 24-hour lobby. Check out this post for the rest of the overview. This… Read more »