Digital Signage: HR’s Communication Tool Of The Future

Achieving the transformation and breakthrough results you want for your organization requires more than just hiring and training great people. Transformation begins with driving a robust culture built on not only employee engagement, but also employee ownership. Employee ownership is one step beyond employee engagement and is evident when employees volunteer to work a little harder, or stay a little later. They are passionate about what they do for your organization because the organization has become a part of them. In this session we’ll show how digital signage is a valuable HR tool that communicates your organization’s values, creating a culture of employee ownership.

Originally presented at SHRM Atlanta’s Demo Days, October 13, 2022

Session Highlights

4:00 Benefits of using digital signage over email

8:06 Case study: Employee engagement and employee ownership in a manufacturing setting

8:35 Real-world examples of employee engagement messages

12:35 Real-world examples of employee ownership messages

17:25 Testimonial: Manufacturing industry

19:17 Case study: Using digital signage for employee training

20:25 Full-service digital signage defined

21:16 Why you shouldn’t DIY your digital signage program

24:35 Return on digital signage investment

25:44 Testimonials