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Save Money with Clear, Focused Communication

Keeping employees informed helps them act like owners. When work teams join together in reaching company goals, everyone wins. Higher profits, greater workplace efficiency, and fewer safety issues are just a few of the ways digital signage can impact your bottom line.

Aug 2005

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Save Time – Don’t DIY Your Digital Signs

Your time is valuable, so why struggle with DIY installation? It’s time to move beyond PowerPoint, flash drives, and wiring diagrams. Save yourself the aggravation and choose a full-service digital signage partner that can get your digital signage network up and running quickly.

Jun 2008

Instantly Update Digital Signage Messages

These days, businesses need the ability to push messages out immediately. Digital screens allow you to update messages in an instant and rapidly relay important communications.

Nov 2010

promoting workplace safety with digital signage

Keep Employees Safe

Encouraging employee engagement and participation are critical to promoting a positive safety culture. A healthier and safer workplace increases employee job satisfaction, productivity, and business performance. Digital signage reminds your employees of their responsibility for health and safety in the workplace.


Michigan First Credit Union history timeline touch screen.

Proactive Monitoring Means Your Screens are Worry-Free

If your screens stop working for any reason, we’re the first to know. There’s rarely a need to call your IT Department. We troubleshoot remotely and have your screens working in no time.

Does digital signage work?

Yes, digital signage has capabilities like no other media and provides clear employee and customer communication. There are two types of digital signage systems. The first is an un-networked video source, such as a jump drive or small computer running PowerPoint or other presentation application. The second is a networked video source, or media player, which allows for live feeds, remote updates, and monitoring. Having a centralized video source allows screens to be updated across your digital signage network simultaneously from one location. You can also display different messages at different locations.

More Digital Signage Insights

How much does digital signage cost?

Communicating clearly with digital signage requires an investment in screens, media devices, installation, ongoing content development, and technical support. These components can be provided by your in-house team or outsourced to a full-service partner. Initial costs can be $1,000 to $2,000 per screen. Ongoing monthly support costs can be $105 to $195 per screen. We can easily give you an estimate for your project up front.