Show Your Community Investment LIVE

Banks and Credit Unions using Kadince to track and manage not only marketing media, but also community services can now display volunteer hours live on Kiosk & Display Digital signage products in real time. “By displaying our employee’s volunteer hours live on our digital signage we win on two fronts,” said Yury Nabokov, Innovation and Digital Strategy Manager from Machias Savings Bank, and customer of both Kadince and Kiosk & Display, “our employees engage more as they see their hours grow before their eyes, and our customers see we are dedicated to serving our communities every time they walk in our door.”

“Machias Savings Bank will be our first customer using this new service but we expect it will expand quickly.” said Sharon Klocek-Ibbotson, who is the Director of Content Strategy for Kiosk & Display. “Kadince is not only a great vendor but a fantastic partner because they came from banking. They understand exactly what marketing and community teams need to stay compliant – we jumped at the chance to work on this with them.”

Kiosk & Display has a history of developing innovative products and services that boost digital signage and touchscreen engagement. “This form of live data fits perfectly into our ‘made to engage’ strategy for content, products and services. We are working on a number of projects to build more live data solutions that bank marketers, or anyone with digital signs, will love.”

“Two of my favorite vendors got together, “ said Yury, “to create something that added value for both companies and Machias Savings Bank –  that is truly Epic.”


Jon VanderMeerJon VanderMeer is the owner, Chief Experience Officer and President Business Development at Kiosk & Display Company.
Kiosk & Display is a full-service interactive digital signage agency – made to engage.

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