Banking & Financial

Lobby guests deserve an experience that cannot be delivered by your website or mobile app—an experience that makes them feel served and connected. Digital signage and touchscreens provide that and more. Our solutions can educate them about your community involvement, profile your branch staff, and work side-by-side with your team to help current and potential customers get the information they need quickly and efficiently.


Your healthcare facility is full of opportunities to engage visitors, patients, and staff members. For example, waiting rooms are perfect spots to showcase your services, mission, and commitment to compassionate care. Digital signage can also be used to provide useful information to both patients and guests such as health tips and other wellness information. Also, back offices and meeting areas are ideal places to reach staff with content that keeps them updated and motivated.


Industrial complexes can make communication difficult with various departments and environments. For example, how can you reach floor workers who don’t have email or disregard flyers and message boards? Digital signage from K&D can provide an unprecedented level of engagement across all of your departments. Custom, visually driven content can inspire and inform your staff, build community, and connect employees with upper management. It’s also great for recognizing achievement, promoting safety, and providing benefit reminders.


Delivering experiences that turn first-time visitors into returning guests includes keeping them engaged and informed. People who are unfamiliar with the area or the layout of your building need to feel comfortable and welcome in their new surroundings. Digital signage from K&D can do that by providing visually-engaging content and information including transportation, amenity details, special offers, branding, and more.

Human Resources

Reach your employees in a way that a company-wide email or memo never will. Digital signage from K&D engages staff with custom content that can strengthen your communication, culture, and sense of community whether you have one or multiple offices. Content can include anything from internal sales goals and benefit reminders to employee surveys and recognition.


It comes as no surprise that today’s students are extremely distracted by dozens of apps and technologies. The need for engaging, relevant content has never been greater. K&D digital signage provides you with a single, consistent platform to deliver essential communication to your students and staff including school events and reminders, emergency messages, directories, maps, and more.

Fitness Center

A dynamic digital signage program can deliver the energy, information, and motivation fitness customers are craving. For example, your brand animations grab their attention while you list class schedules, upcoming events, or promote your products. Or, you can help clients find the best personal trainer for their individual needs by profiling each trainer on your screens. Monthly fitness competitions can be posted and updated with daily results and leaderboards. The possibilities are endless, and the content can be updated easily by you or your staff at any time.


Digital screens can maximize business opportunities by extending your retail shelf and expanding your product offerings. Now the number of products you can in-store isn’t limited by the size of your stock room. Also, digital signage can stir your customers’ imaginations and bring your products/service to life in dramatic ways.

What is digital signage used for?

Digital signage can be used in nearly any industry to display individual pieces of content in a loop. One unique feature of digital signage is that specific content can be customized to one particular location or a subset of locations within the digital signage network, making it efficient to target audiences by location.

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