Atlanta Airport Visitors Center Goes All In for Digital Signage

Digital Signage | Hospitality

Arriving passengers at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport are in for quite a treat if they’re looking for the mecca of digital signage. The newly opened Visitors Center at the top of the baggage escalators sports no less than 40 screens deployed in 4 arrays, that in total, create quite the impact and impression.

The first encounter is a horizontal band of 6 screens across the top of the entry doors. Entering into the space and immediately front center, the visitor ambassadors sit in front of an amazing 16-screen behemoth that dazzles the light fantastic. And if that isn’t enough, flanking each side of the relatively small space are 9 screen arrays that will gigantic in most applications are almost ho-hum next to the 16-screen center stage.

Kiosk & Display is lucky to be headquartered in Atlanta and with all the client traveling that we do, we get to see these gorgeous examples of digital signage deployment pretty often. In fact, you may just find us standing and starring with mouth agape as we take it all in.

You should come to Atlanta to see us and check out the Visitors Center. Heck, we could even build you something like this if you’d like. Pretty please…

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