Kiosk & Display Expands Services to Additional Messaging Channels

Kiosk & Display is leveraging 13 years of interactive kiosk and digital signage experience into new channels to provide clients with a holistic and integrated approach to creating, producing, managing, scheduling and distributing digital content across all screens. With the introduction of “Multichannel Messaging”, K&D now has the ability to be a one-stop resource for… Read more »

Double-sided Television has Application for Digital Merchandising

At this year’s CES, the big electronics show, manufacturer LG unveiled a host of innovative television screen configurations including one that really caught our attention… a 55-inch “dual-view” flat screen, which is actually two separate displays, spliced together so that there’s no actual back – both sides display video. The whole thing is just 4.9mm… Read more »

Let K&D Add Weather Alerts to Your Weather Feed for Free!

Sometimes general weather information isn’t enough, even if it’s hyper-local. To really be in the know and up-to-date on all weather events in your area, simply contact your K&D representative and tell ‘em you want weather alerts on your news and weather feeds! When the National Weather Service issues any type of Special Statement, our… Read more »

Augment Your Digital Merchandising with Text Messaging

The term “ominchannel” doesn’t just apply to banking channels anymore. The concept of seamless and integrated engagement via a multitude of screens can make your digital marketing messages work harder across all engagement points. At Kiosk & Display, we’re onboarding more of our clients onto an expanded platform of device agnostic delivery where your messages… Read more »

The Details Matter When it Comes to Digital Merchandising Content

By now you should know that everyone here at Kiosk & Display geeks out over the small stuff. Our attention to detail is what separates our content development and customer service from our competition. We’re always striving to make sure your marketing messages are the best that they can be so that all the people… Read more »

No Working Media Player Handy for you to Review Content and Animation Loops? No problem, K&D Has…

Keeping up with all the media players and flash animation players can be a source of irritation, not to mention frustration. Add to the situation your organization’s firewalls and IT protocol and quite possibly your computer’s media player (if you have one) will just sit there… frozen in time. And you’re trying to approve the… Read more »

Ten 15-minute micro presentations of business-building ideas from K&D. Sign up for one or more.

Jump start your sales with any of our impactful and informative micro presentations on industry news, products and services. It’s a short investment on your part that can pay major long-term dividends. You can sign up for one, several or all of them! Choose from: Highlights from the recent Financial Brand Forum Consistent employee messaging… Read more »

Messaging on the Small Screen – New Apps from K&D

K&D cut its teeth direct messaging to consumers on screens other than televisions. We’ve been leading the way in digital signage, bringing brands to life in retail for well over a decade. So it seems pretty natural to us to make a move into the screen de rigueur, the smartphone. Our new events and community… Read more »

K&D Now Offers Streaming Music Service for Branches

Kiosk and Display has partnered with a leading retail music provider,, to bring in-branch music service to K&D clients. “We spent considerable time vetting all music providers and we’re convinced that offers the best of all worlds for our clients” said K&D founder, Jon VanderMeer. has licensed every major recording for use… Read more »

Flexible message templates from K&D allow easy localization

Our client, First Community Bank, wanted a motivating way to get customers to use their VISA Check Cards as credit transactions, so they offered $500 gift cards as a prize offering. Every credit transaction was an entry into the drawing, so more transactions equaled more chances to win. Kiosk & Display created a flexible message… Read more »

Use K&D animated templates for on-the-fly digital messages

Animated templates created by Kiosk & Display for your digital signage allow you to change messages on screens from any desktop – without special software and hours of training for staff. Using a variety of animated templates throughout your playlist provides a great return on investment since the animation and layouts are designed by our… Read more »

The Intersection of Digital and Retail… Beer Compass.

The way we shop is changing and thanks to new advancements being implemented by shopper marketing agency, The Integer Group, retail shoppers can now deploy personalization as part of their experiences… as well as the ability to use digital tools in conventional retailing environments. Adding these digital elements to traditional promotional and merchandising tactics can… Read more »

Out and about with K&D: The Shelf Video Strip

Research shows that over 75% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of purchase,
 meaning that influencing the customer at retail is critical for driving sales. However, until recently there was no powerful way to deliver large format multimedia
messages at retail shelves next to the product. Digital messages are not only more
profound and powerful… Read more »

Installing exterior-facing digital signage? Consider specialty screens

Display screens continue to evolve at a rapid pace. This year’s 2014 CES show debuted amazing ultra HD screens and OLED screens that even bend. Most of these are either too expensive or have too little available content sources to go mainstream public today, but will be easily obtainable in the near future. There are… Read more »

K&D is Always on the Lookout for Innovative Retail Displays

NanoLumens has upped the ante in digital signage for retail stores with their latest installation. They partnered with Gridcast Media, Inc. out of Canada to create the most engaging storefront in Yorkdale Mall for Holt Renfrew, a high-end designer retailer in Toronto, Canada. Their latest installation offers a stunning, 6 mm pp multi-display feature at… Read more »

K&D Unveils 55” Merchandising Screen at ABA Marketing Conference.

Headed to the ABA Bank Marketing Conference in San Antonio? The annual gathering of the brightest marketing minds in banking takes place September 22 – 24 in San Antonio, TX. As we have for the past 10 years, Kiosk & Display will be attending and showing off the latest and greatest offerings in the world… Read more »

K&D Marketplace Spotlight: Identity Group Launches “Personal Presenter”

Oftentimes, we will feature products and services in this space from our strategic partners in branch merchandising. Today, we’re pleased to bring you an exciting new product offering from our good friends at Identity Group. K&D partners with Identity Group on many retail merchandising applications, usually some form of screen surround or free standing kiosk…. Read more »

K&D Shows off New Interactive Engagement Station at GCUA

A few weeks ago we told you about the new interactive Engagement Station that we installed for Meritrust Credit Union in Wichita, KS (here). We were so excited by this interactive solution completely engineered and developed by our team at K&D that we decided to make the Station the star of our booth at the… Read more »

Digital Merchandising Engagement Through the Looking Glass

Screens are everywhere. Millennials can’t live without them. And they expect you to be on them. So, let’s take it to them, even through the fronts of your branches. Retailers are doing it, so why can’t you? Check out this photo straight from the sidewalk in Lisbon, Portugal. A person directing their own way through… Read more »

Details Matter When Choosing Digital Merchandising Screens

You know how something that’s out of place in carefully designed room setting can really drag the entire aesthetics down? Think Marty Crane’s chair in Frasier’s elegant apartment. No matter the care and attention given to everything else, it’s just hard to overlook the aberration. Attention is in the details when it comes to everything… Read more »

Anonymous Video Analytics. The next wave in Digital Merchandising.

Anonymous video analytics (AVA) is a strategy for gathering metrics about digital merchandising audience engagement. In the past, marketers could only gather data about how many people passed by a digital sign.  The problem with this method is that many people pass by a digital sign without looking at it. Anonymous video analytics uses embedded… Read more »

Meet Ana, the Virtual Branch Greeter/Concierge

Say hello to Anna, a virtual greeter who offers a glimpse into the future of retailing… and banking. At 5 feet 8 inches in heels, Anna is a life-like digital image projected on a glass tower at the heart of retailer The Bay’s flagship Toronto store, welcoming passersby to its new interactive display of high-end… Read more »