Digital Signage Content Package 1: Design on Demand

You send us content nuggets. We will recreate and animate it to look great on your screens. You always get to approve it first, before we load to your screens.*

  • Your social media posts
  • Your newsletters
  • Your rate pages
  • Your web site
  • Your brochures

Price: Quarterly retainer of 10 hours or $1,650

Digital Signage Content Package 2: Weekly Scan & Suggest

We scan your online outlets then create new messages for you to approve, then we load them to your screens.* No meetings required!

Price: Quarterly retainer of 20 hours or $3,300

Bonus: Retainer labor can also be used for Package 1 services!

Email to get started!

*Loading service possible for clients using Kiosk & Display iPoster platform.

Sample Client Work


Industrial, Manufacturing, Human Resources

chart displaying types and frequency of safety injuries

Bank / Credit Union