Incorporating RSS Feeds into Digital Signage Localizes Your Content

Digital Signage

RSS Feeds in Digital SignageBurlington Vermont, like many northern cities, has periods of intense weather throughout the year. Kiosk & Display’s client, Northfield Savings Bank, saw an opportunity to bring a service to their customers through the use of their digital signage. Working with Kiosk and Display’s content team to run hyper local feeds, such as the local road conditions, adds immense value to their screens.  The screens not only attract more attention, but also help with bank customers’ commutes, adding to general safety.

Most digital merchandising vendors will tell you that can’t incorporate local RSS feeds into their content. It’s not that they can’t, they won’t take the time. At Kiosk & Display, we’re all about making your content relevant, meaningful and local. It’s the only way your brand will stand out from the crowd. We always make sure that people get your messages.

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