K&D Guest Blogging: Best of digitalsignagetoday.com Articles (2 of 3)

Digital Signage

For the next two weeks we’re taking popular posts from digitalsignagetoday.com and making them available to you. We keep up with industry news and it’s always interesting to think about applications from other business categories that apply to the financial services industry. Like today’s post: Full moon: Don’t let this happen to your digital signage.

It’s the story of lack of security on digital signage networks and it happened right here in K&D’s hometown, Atlanta. The signage company was even warned about their security holes but failed to take action. That’s leaving them pretty embarrassed.

And don’t worry, this story is very PG. But you’ll have to read the description of what was aired and imagine this happening in your retail. That should spring you into action to check out your potential weak spots.

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