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Kennebunk Savings is a $1.2 billion bank with 17 branches across southern Maine and seacoast New Hampshire. Passionately proud of their local knowledge, Kennebunk Savings is a longstanding part of this New England community.

Kennebunk Savings partnered with Kiosk & Display to get the most impact from their digital lobby signage investment. Jon VanderMeer, Chief Experience Officer at Kiosk & Display says “I still vividly remember winning their RFP and their comments about the energy Kiosk & Display could bring to the project.”

digital display behind teller line
Kennebunk Savings shares events and information across its branch network.

As a local financial institution, customer engagement is the fabric woven into Kennebunk Savings’ culture. Kiosk & Display’s digital signs allow the bank to spread a range of relevant and locally-focused messages across their branch network. The bank animates their messages to create far more engagement than any paper poster could ever do. Sara Auer, AVP Marketing Manager, explains “We’re able to display different messages at different branches, which makes message delivery more efficient than deploying a variety of posters.” VanderMeer add that Kennebunk’s screens are grouped into content regions so customers get the most localized information possible.

“We’re able to display different messages at different branches, which makes message delivery more efficient than deploying a variety of posters.”

Sara Auer, AVP Marketing Manager

Kennebunk Savings also displays a mix of product-related messages and public service messages, such as cybersecurity tips. Auer adds that being able to combine multiple types of messages on one medium “Looks professional and uncluttered, which makes the impression to the customer more meaningful.”

Kennebunk Savings incorporates the Kiosk & Display signs into their tactical marketing efforts too. Promotions are routinely featured on the digital signs. “It’s another touch point to get our message across,” says Auer.

“It’s another touch point to get our message across.”

– Sarah Auer
conference room with digital screen
Digital displays convey relevant, local information behind a bank teller line

In addition to Kiosk & Display’s digital signs in each of their branches, Kennebunk Savings also shows the feed in their Operations Center so that back office employees can see what their customers see. There is a separate feed in the bank’s cafeteria that features employee-centric messaging. Auer appreciates the ability to put an alert out to customers quickly if needed. “The system is just more nimble.”

The future looks even more engaging. Upcoming initiatives include Kiosk & Display helping to curate more employee messaging and leveraging those messages to play on teller workstations as screen savers.

VanderMeer adds, “Our job is never complete. You can always reach more, engage more, inform more and inspire more. It is fun to keep connecting more and more dots for our clients.”