Looking Back on 20 Years of Digital Signage

Digital Signage

So much has changed since K&D started in 2001. From a technology standpoint we’ve seen screens get bigger, and components become smaller and more powerful. That’s good news for our clients, who have not only been able to ditch paper posters and (gasp) magnetic rate boards, but also get innovative with video walls, town hall employee meetings, and history walls. The only limit is our clients’ imagination. We truly love bringing their ideas to life.

One thing that hasn’t changed has been our unwavering commitment to our clients. We’re focused on making every marketer’s job easier through automation and an intuitive platform. Our users deliver thousands of custom, branded messages every day to multiple locations and countless audiences with just a few clicks.

We couldn’t do what we do without our talented team of experts. Every team member plays a unique role, yet together we are stronger than the sum of our parts. We asked the K&D team what their favorite memories were of working at Kiosk & Display. Being able to do what they enjoy, making a contribution that’s valued, and our annual strategy meetings were recurring themes.

Jamie: “I’ll always remember my very first strategy meeting. I had just started working at Kiosk & Display and it was a good way to meet everyone. I love the times when we are all able to spend a few days together.”

Terrance: “I always think of the times when we all get together, especially when Jon planned group dinners and events for us.”

Charles: “My first all company meeting was a blast, but also having fun at the office…I remember Terrance and I were moving a bubble wrap order so large it would not fit through the front door!”

Brian: “I’ve been here the longest so I’ve seen the company grow from our first location at the leaky warehouse to our current office in downtown Atlanta. Jon has been a compassionate employer during so many important times in my life. Plus, snowmageddon!”

Thank you to clients, partners, vendors, and everyone who has made this possible!

The kiosk & display team

Will: “My first trip from Rochester to Atlanta to meet the team – the elevator at the Marriott Marquis moved so fast my ears popped!”

Matt: “The quality of people that I get to work with has been phenomenal. It’s amazing to see the amount of work we do with as few people as we have!”

Greg: “Cooking dinner for the team during a strategy meeting. After that we presented Jon a cookbook with our favorite recipes.”

Sharon: “I’m proud of how we make things shine on screen for our customers. The teamwork here is extraordinary. We work hard as a team, and we play hard as a team.”

Jon: “Reading these staff observations makes me so proud to work with each and every person at Kiosk & Display. It is true, running a small business has life-changing amazing days, and also some pretty bad days too. But in the end, a happy client is worth every minute, every day, every year of working here. There is no greater joy than changing a client request from a “no” to a “yes” when a team member runs in the room saying “we can do it!”

“The whole team, working and playing together, is what makes this fun.”

jon vandermeer

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