Savings Institute Bank & Trust Likes K&D-produced Facebook Movie

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You may recall reading about the custom branded events-based smartphone app that Kiosk & Display created and developed for Savings Institute Bank & Trust. It was designed as a way to put the bank’s marketing literally into the hands of their customers and was built to celebrate the opening of a new branch. You can read more about it in an earlier post here.

To further develop its popularity, the bank next asked K&D to develop a promotional video to encourage further adoption and downloading. The primary distribution platform for the video is the bank’s Facebook page.

We wanted the video to connect tightly to the app itself, so our same creative team got to spread its wings from typical digital merchandising animation development to Facebook movie creation…a nice change of pace for everyone involved.

Using the same images that are in the app, the movie used fast cuts, bright flashes, bold text and a dynamic music track to create an attention-grabbing movie.

The movie has been posted to the bank’s Facebook page and it’s also available for viewing from within the app. And for your viewing pleasure, you can watch it right here. Check it out, then call your K&D representative to ask how your organization can tap into the power of K&D creative to help deliver your message.

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