These Aren’t the Message Tickers You Remember

Customer & Brand

modern take on the digital ticker

In the early days, digital messaging in the branch consisted of low tech “tickers” that basically allowed short sentences and rates in a constantly scrolling stream. You’ve seen them, and you’ve probably forgotten about them. With all the advancements in digital messaging, including the award-winning iPoster platform from K&D, who can blame you for not thinking about the lowly ticker?

Well, hang on to your pixels because tickers are back in a big way and they’re nothing like you remember. Technology now takes tickers to a higher level of creativity and engagement and are deployed in increasingly complex and attention-getting applications.

Check out the application in this photo. Tickers from Rise Vision bend the light fantastic with entertaining and creative use. But let’s not stop there. How about connecting tickers as an additional “screen” for your digital merchandising messages? K&D can show you how to integrate all your screens, including tickers, with a single stream of managed content. Call us and we’ll show you how.

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