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We’ve all heard of try-before-you-buy in our daily lives: Warby Parker’s eyeglasses home try-on, Stitch-Fix’s personalized shopping, Birchbox beauty samples, and others. The convenience of products delivered to your home, with ample time to test them, and no further obligation has become a proven way for retailers to get their brand in front of their target audience. These retailers have had so much success, in fact, that try-before-you-buy has become the preferred way to shop for many consumers.

Try-before-you-buy doesn’t just apply to small items that are easy to ship and return. Think about how furniture sites allow shoppers to view a piece of furniture in the room to better demonstrate scale and fit. Mattress company Casper offers up to 100 nights of sleep-testing before requiring prospective buyers to commit to a purchase. Shipping is free both ways.

But how can try-before-you-buy apply to your work life, such as your digital signage journey? We know that investing in a digital signage platform requires a great deal of research, consideration, and alignment among your team. You’ve got to make your budget stretch as far as possible. You want assurance that your users can manage the platform easily and with impressive results. And, you’ve got to maximize your ROI on digital signage. (Calculate your own ROI here.) Wouldn’t it just be easier if you could try your digital signage out first? We think so.

How Does Try-Before-You-Buy Work?

It’s quite simple. We will interview you and ask how you will be using your digital screens and a little bit about what you’d like to accomplish. A few weeks later you will receive your preconfigured iPoster Player to connect to your screen. That’s it! You are now ready to kick the tires on the iPoster digital signage platform managed by Kiosk & Display.

sequence arrows showing the steps in try before you buy digital signage

Our talented Content Team will make time to show you how to add and schedule content, and how to set up playlists for individual or multiple locations. Then, use your digital signage trial behind the scenes, such as in your office or a conference room. If you choose, you can use it live in a customer-facing setting. The equipment and software we provide for your trial period are exactly what you’d receive as a paying client.

There’s no catch. We are so confident you’ll love Kiosk & Display’s iPoster platform that we’re willing to give you a free trial period before committing to a contract. We want you to show your team how easy it is to manage. Once you’ve decided that full-service digital signage like Kiosk & Display is the best choice for you, additional locations will be just as easy to install.

By the way, if you need site planning or installation services, we provide those too. That’s what a full-service digital signage partner is all about – at your side every step of the way.

If you decide the iPoster digital signage platform is not the best fit for your organization, we understand, just send the iPoster player back within 90 days after you received it and we will close out your account.

With budget season around the corner, why not plan a try-before-you-buy trial for your digital signage platform? Schedule a call with Chief Experience Officer Jon VanderMeer and let us help you make your decision so much easier.

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