Neiman Marcus Launches Interactive Retail “Tables”

Customer & Brand

Neiman Marcus has deployed an industry-first interactive kiosk “table” that is now active in the luxury retailer’s Austin, Chicago, and Topanga locations, prominently displayed in each store’s shoe salon.

digital table in retail store

The retail tables feature a 32″ Ultra HD 4K touchscreen, covered by a single continuous pane of glass that is customized in color per Neiman Marcus’ specifications. The touchscreens are intuitive and powerful. The software application allows customers to browse and filter Neiman Marcus’ inventory, which includes items both in-store and out-of-store.

Customers can add items to their ‘My Favorites for Wish List’, which can be emailed with live product links to reference for immediate purchase or for later review. The software also supports a recommendation engine based on search results. For store associates, the table provides them with up-to-the-minute inventory beyond what is available in-store, including what is “coming soon.” The touch tables can also be used as a tool to share with shoppers the latest trends.

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