A Quick Look at Another Industry Using Digital Signage Like K&D Does

Digital Signage

iPoster-like engagement station by Volvo
Via Digital Signage Universe

It’s always nice to affirm the technology we select and implement at Kiosk & Display is embraced by other categories of business. We are constantly researching the methodology, the equipment, the placement strategy and the custom content approach utilized by other marketers.

So, it was great to see this deployment by worldwide automotive leader, Volvo. The idea of personalization was the driver behind their new interactive digital signage program. They recognized, like K&D has, that engagement at the point-of-sale is the precursor to brand selection and loyalty.

The K&D Vertical Engagement Station (VES), built on the very stable and reliable iPoster platform, delivers the same type of user interface as the Volvo program does as it assists branch visitors through a journey of the myriad of products and services you offer.

Take a look at how Volvo does it by clicking on this link. Heck, you may even desire a Volvo after doing so. And if you end up buying one, tell them Kiosk & Display referred you. We like Volvos, too.

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