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How do you choose a digital merchandising platform and devise a retail messaging content strategy? If you’re attending the ABA Marketing and Retail Conference in Denver (October 4-6) you’ll have the chance to view a number of competing firms in this arena, including of course, Kiosk & Display. We thought we would take a moment to point out what we see is the true differentiator amongst all of us… and give you a very attractive show special offer enabling you to give us a test drive for essentially free.

Every digital merchandising provider can deliver digital messages to screens with a variety of ease, message effectiveness, reliability and in many different ways. Some platforms play the exact same non-branded generic templates as your competitor down the street. Many of our competitors have entered the digital merchandising category from tangential businesses. Does being a specialist selling music on hold make you a visual communication expert? Is the provider’s salesperson talking more about media players and licenses than content strategy or listening to your needs?

Effective digital merchandising isn’t about the platform, the players and the templates. It’s about message strategy & development. Do you have a digital merchandising messaging strategy? Or do you just drag words you thought of today onto a generic background and call it done? Does your content connect to your local public?  Is your digital lobby merchandising program a credible channel or an ignorable television screen hung on a wall?

Put all the noise about the technology aside and focus on your strategy. Better yet, let Kiosk & Display help build your strategy… and with our rebate on future services, it’s like getting our help for free. You see, K&D is offering our first ever show special for clients and non-clients alike. Why not take advantage of it and let us show you how customers can get your messages in the retail environment.

Our Complete Loop Analysis & Recommendation Package Show Offer:

Send us:

  • Video of your loop
  • Your current 3-5 marketing challenges for 2016
  • Your annual labor budget or FTE count for digital merchandising creation and management

K&D sends you:

  • Detailed analysis of your current loop – key measurements, brand strength, locality, sales ratio, etc.
  • Strategy recommendations to reach your 2016 goals including industry best practices
  • Live presentation showing three samples of best practice bank and credit union messaging content loops
  • Detailed creative & consulting estimate for a 3rd party (K&D) to help you reach your goals

What is costs:

  • $750 which can be applied toward future K&D engagement

Give us a call, ping us electronically, or come by our booth at the ABA Conference. We promise not to talk about the latest players, screens and networks…unless you want to.

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