ATMs, Kiosks and Digital Signage Continue to Advance; Content is Key

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Cost-conscious credit unions often have one-or two-person marketing departments—putting those employees under great pressure. That’s why many marketers turn to displays, says Jon VanderMeer, president/founder of Kiosk & Display Co. But creating content for these displays takes a high degree of technical expertise and time—VanderMeer calls content “a big, hungry monster”—and marketers often reach the point where they stop updating the content and run the same information over and over. “That’s when people stop looking,” he says.

Kiosk & Display provides custom content—beyond generic templates—with relevant messages that connect with consumers, VanderMeer says. He says digital displays must provide a balance of content and sales information. “Present product information less than 50% of the time. The rest should be relevant and interesting feeds or local community notices. By having their displays function as a community bulletin board, a credit union can let members know how much it’s involved in the community.”

VanderMeer says it’s not uncommon for credit unions to move toward all-digital marketing materials. “One of our clients reached the point where it removed all printed collateral material and went exclusively to digital. The only complaints were from a few older customers who liked to visit the credit union and complained that its profits were being spent on digital hardware and displays.” This led the credit union to create a one-page sheet tellers would hand to members that explained the reasons for the switch and the economies it presented. “The sheet became both a marketing tool and a way to assure concerned members,” VanderMeer says. Another benefit to kiosks is that they free up employees’ time for selling and carrying out more complex transactions. “Their success depends on incenting managers to encourage kiosk use and show members how easy and convenient they are for routine transactions like paying bills, moving money around, and even initiating loan requests.”

From the June issue of Credit Union Magazine:  Tools of the Trade article called ATMs, Kiosks Continue to Evolve.

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