Merchandising Messages of the Month 2014

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We’ve been helping our clients develop bank digital signage content for decades. Get your inspiration from these bank digital signage content examples! Our team of content experts can walk you through a content discovery process to make your digital signage playlist the best it can be.

Client: SECU

Message: Get 5x points for holiday shopping with the SECU Scorecard Rewards Visa

Retail Objective: Cross-sell lobby traffic to utilize Visa card

K&D Solution: Use lights to emphasize brighter holiday spirits

Results: Increase in card usage and interest

Client: First Community Bank

Message: Holiday Closings Messages

Retail Objective: Communicate bank holidays

K&D Solution: Custom branded, quickly update-able multi-holiday animation.

Results: Customer awareness for when the bank is closed

bank digital signage content

Client: Northfield Savings Bank

Message: Brand Animation

Retail Objective: Communicate the Northfield Savings Bank difference

K&D Solution: Animatewhere pigs fly every day”

Results: Brand awareness for all branch users

bank digital signage content

Client: Machias Savings Bank

Message: Celebrate the fantastic employees of Machias Savings Bank

Retail Objective: Ask customers to join the appreciation

K&D Solution: “Employees rock” through use of band photos

Results: Bank-wide recognition of outstanding employees

Machias Savngs Bank Employee Appreciation Week bank digital signage content

Client: Stoneham Bank

Message: Welcome to Optimum Banking

Retail Objective: Develop an overview of what Optimum Banking means to the customer

K&D Solution: Crafting a balance of brand, product, service and community messaging

Results: Provides a comprehensive overview of what differentiates Stoneham Bank

bank digital signage content

Client: Machias Savings Bank

Message: Enhanced Security for Online Banking

Retail Objective: Assure customers that online security is of paramount importance to Machias

K&D Solution: Show verification process: login credentials, device recognition, known location

Results: It’s clear that Machias Savings Bank is out to protect your online security

Enhanced Online Security for Online Banking message bank digital signage content

Client: Available for any current Kiosk & Display client

Message: Distracted driving is 100% preventable

Retail Objective: Provide digital merchandising PSA for in-branch messaging

K&D Solution: Target teen drivers most susceptible to distracted driving

Result: Banking on widespread usage of this important cause

Client: CU Solutions Group

Message: Promote Sprint/Invest in America program to member credit unions’ branch traffic

Retail Objective: Provide free content from CU Solutions Group to mutual credit union clients

K&D Solution: Work with CU Solutions to add Sprint/Invest in America digital media to the free K&D content for credit unions

Result: K&D credit union customers are able to add free digital media from Solutions Group’s Sprint Media program at no cost to run on branch digital merchandising systems

Client: Kennebunk Savings

Message: Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year

Retail Objective: Provide in-branch “greeting card” for all customers

K&D Solution: Animate falling snow and have it accumulate on the bank’s icon

Result: Positive reactions and comments to kick off a great 2014

holiday greeting message

Client: Ameris Bank

Message: Promote obtaining an Ameris Bank Visa Card

Retail Objective: Emphasize features and benefits including low introductory rate

K&D Solution: Incorporate QSR code into animation to encourage convenient sign up

Result: Applications are up and Ameris Bank is on their way to achieving goals for the program

Client: First Community Bank | People’s Community Bank

Message: Use your Visa Check Card as credit option and you’ll automatically be entered for the chance to win $500 gift card

Retail Objective: Promote advantages such as being perfect for online or phone merchandise orders

K&D Solution: Actually show a person selecting the credit option on a pin pad

Result: Visa Check Card usage as “credit” up over the same period last year

Client: Machias Savings Bank

Message: Promote Machias Savings Bank Concert Series

Retail Objective: Announce pre-sale tickets opportunity for COUNTRY MEGATICKET

K&D Solution: Promote use of Machias Savings Bank credit cards and debit cards

Result: Many Machias Savings Bank customers got to the head of the line for great seats

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