Benefits of Adding Video to Your Drive-up Lanes

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When most of our clients think of digital signage, they think of large screens on their lobby walls, inside the building. We know your lobbies haven’t seen much traffic this year. Lobbies everywhere closed during March and April. Savvy Kiosk & Display clients such as Flagstar Bank flipped their inside screens to display employee-focused messages of reassurance and gratitude. With lobbies closed, financial institutions still needed a way to share their marketing messages with customers – even during a pandemic!

Our clients who stayed a step ahead of the competition these past few months are using digital screens at their drive-up teller lanes. Your drive-up vendor provides the equipment. The built-in screen allows the teller to show their face while interacting with the customer; it flips to display informational and marketing content while the teller is processing the transaction.

Kiosk & Display’s iPoster player connects effortlessly to most vendors’ drive-up video equipment. It’s easy to add a secondary connection from your main (inside) display. This allows your financial institution to display one set of content in the lobby, and, if desired, a different set of content in the drive thru.

Our bank and credit union marketer clients usually display promotional messages at their drive-up lanes. During COVID-19 our clients are sharing their face mask policy, temporary lobby hours, online banking tools, and how to bank by appointment, to help ease customers’ concerns.

Drive-up windows have helped the banking industry pivot seamlessly this year while keeping employees safe and customers satisfied. Drive ups are here to stay, and suddenly have taken on greater significance. Help yours work harder by adding digital video displays to your drive-up lanes. Schedule a meeting with Chief Experience Officer Jon VanderMeer or call 800-724-8947.

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