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According to a recent study by the Custom Content Council in partnership with ContentWise, branded content initiatives are considered by marketers to be more effective than any other form of advertising and marketing.  The number one reason for using branded content is customer education and retention, followed closely by brand loyalty.

Spending levels on branded content in 2010 rose nearly 100% above 2008 with 68% of companies surveyed shifting ad dollars to branded initiatives.

The use of external agencies to handle some aspect of branded content initiatives was right at 50%.

Your brand should be unique.  Its differentiation helps you compete in the commoditized financial services category.  Don’t water your brand down by using syndicated templates and formats in your messages.  Your communication should reflect the personality and tonality of your brand and placing your logo on stock photos or stock animation doesn’t do it justice.

Create your own branded content for effective marketing.  Get outside expert assistance to make it effective.  You won’t be alone in this approach.

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Absolutely right with your last two paragraphs. People respond to other people, and your content should follow suite.

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