Can You See the Opportunities in Branch Window Displays?

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What do most retailers know and practice that financial services retailers don’t? That the outward facing storefront windows can be a powerful advertising and messaging medium. Window displays can be fun, creative, and yes, even an avenue for selling products and services. A few years back a “shopper marketing” research project revealed that foot traffic slows down when passing a well-merchandised retail storefront window. But in the case of financial services retailers, the foot traffic actually sped up. Why? Because there’s nothing to look at!

branch lobby from the outside in

Think about your own branch windows for a moment. What’s going on with them? Chances are you have them covered with blinds. Maybe you have a lonely poster or two. And if you’re really progressive, you have a digital merchandising screen. Well, hang on to your hats folks because storefront window messaging opportunities are about to advance at lightening speed…mostly due to the rapid decline in the cost of technology.

For a great tour of spectacular possibilities in window merchandising, check out this article at Web Urbanist. Steph (yes, he only goes by his first name) has assembled a great collection of photos, videos and critiques of the latest in storefront window messaging. Now don’t think this is all pie-in-the-sky “Minority Report” stuff that will never happen on main street. The price of projectors and glass treatments are falling rapidly and this technology is available to you right now. At K&D we already have experience with window displays and know how to deal with factors such as visibility, effective content and such.

Ready to learn more about window messaging? Give us a call. But first, draw back your blinds and take a look at your opportunities. It could be that you haven’t been able to see them.

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