Digital Merchandising Takes a Walk with Johnnie Walker

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digital screens in Johnnie Walker Explorer's Club

When you think of digital merchandising screens in your branches, do you envision the screens simply attached to the wall? If so, you wouldn’t be alone as about 85% of screens get mounted that way. But if you’ve followed this blog over the years, you know that our designers at Kiosk & Display don’t think that way. We’re huge believers in creating branded environments and “surrounds” that add interest, messaging, branding and holistic integration into the installation. A seamless and robust display creates infinite more engagement possibilities with the viewer.

The marketing folks that promote Johnnie Walker scotch whiskey must feel the same way. Look closely at the image with this post to see the very creative way they have integrated their digital signage into free-standing displays that are designed to look like suitcases or trunks. Upon closer examination, you will see that the purpose of their promotion is to highlight the “Explorer’s Club Collection” and is being marketed as “new and exclusive to travelers.” Travelers…suitcases…get it?

This demonstrates clever thinking outside the box, or in this case the suitcase, and is really attention getting. Add interesting messages on the screen and you’ve got an engaging experience that goes way beyond traditional applications.

Do you think beyond traditional installations? At Kiosk & Display, we do. And we haven’t even touched the Johnnie Walker. Yet.

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