Digital Signage and Wi-Fi Lead to Retail Behavior Profiles

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digital display in retail clothing store
Digital displays provide insight into the retail customer journey

Samsung is offering retailers insights through the use of digital signage and Wi-Fi as to the paths customers take, what they look at and when they arrive in brick and mortar stores. This analysis helps to build behavior-based shopper profiles.

The technology enables retailers to understand their shoppers’ behavior when they navigate a retail environment.

With Wi-Fi analytics, the technology can accurately measure ad impressions, such as how many people see an ad at any given time, and what were the subsequent behavioral patterns within the entire store. This gives retailers more granular data than ever before, helping them to understand how the in-store experience impacts conversion and to tailor advertising accordingly – creating the ultimate personal experience for the customer.

How can financial services retailers put this technology to work in branches? Has this idea got your wheels turning? It has ours and we’re itching to talk to someone about it. How about a pilot? Ping us and we’ll discuss.

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