Digital signage changing the game for ‘pop-up’ kiosks

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pop-up kiosksFrom our friends at Digital Signage Today: Kiosks are “popping up” in all sorts of locations…shopping malls, outdoor venues, festivals, transportation hubs, tourist attractions and the list goes on. Retail kiosks are nothing new, but the incorporation of digital signage is a game-changer in that they don’t need to be staffed. A standard 110 volt outlet is all that’s needed, especially now that Internet connectivity can be supplied over Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

The fact that these kiosks are unmanned makes it essential that the hardware driving the signage is 100 percent fail-safe. This is why kiosk manufacturers are seeking out purpose-built digital signage media players. These purpose-specific devices consume very little power, and they deliver virtually zero downtime — an essential element of any kiosk that’s expected to run 24/7 without interruption.

In these new-breed kiosks, the signage acts as a virtual salesperson. Using touchscreen interactivity, customers can educate themselves about the products being sold and make purchasing decisions on the spot.

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