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We’ve been helping banks and credit unions create dynamic digital signage content for decades. Get inspiration from these digital signage content examples!

Digital Signage Content Examples

Client: SECU

Message: On-going Social Media Messages on Digital Merchandising

Retail Objective: To bring select Facebook posts to the branch environment

K&D Solution: Some Facebook messages were not translating well to digital merchandising screens because pictures and images were not high resolution, resulting in a substandard look.

Result: A change in SECU’s social media standards to ensure that all content posted is adequate for other applications, including digital signage. When images are not high res, they are removed from the post before becoming digital signage messages. Both versions are shown here.

social media message example
digital signage content example social media

Client: CCB Community Bank

Message: Promote the Koala Green Savers Club

Retail Objective: Enroll kids in friendly program to earn rewards for good grades

K&D Solution: Highlight the benefits of the Club including: Koala Club T-shirt, Green Savers Statement Book, Good Grades Rewards, a Gift with every deposit, magazine subscription and the ability to earn a Koala Certificate of Deposit.

Result: The digital merchandising messages in the lobby are creating lots of excitement and demand and enrollment is up and meeting objectives.

digital signage content bank

Client: Forcht Bank

Message: A New Direction in Banking

Retail Objective: Capture passerby-attention with dynamically-changing kiosk graphic interface

K&D Solution: Constant random airplanes in flight; background colors change with the weather

Result: Working great as a customer-assist tool to help CSRs explain/interact with products

Client: SECU

Message: Promote SECU Technology Expo as the chance to learn about mobile/tablet banking

Retail Objective: Promote all of SECU’s eServices, including Online Banking and Mobile Deposit.

K&D Solution: Incent enrollment with free gift cards and the chance to win an iPad

Result: Classes for the November 15/16 Expos are filling up fast!

digital signage content

Client: Peach State Federal Credit Union

Message: Toys for Tots

Retail Objective: Solicit unwrapped toys for U.S. Marine Corps distribution

K&D Solution: Promote everyone’s favorite holiday charity with captivating falling snow effect

Result: Toys at every branch that will find their way to needy children all over Atlanta

Holiday of Helping message on digital signage

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