Out and about with Digital Signage – as seen by K&D

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Regular readers of our K&D Getting Your Message blog know that we love digital signage of all types… even if we had nothing to do with the design or installation. Well, today’s post continues that commitment to lovers of all things digital with our latest find.

One must always have a camera ready when navigating new retail frontiers. Never is this more important than in a big city. Take San Francisco for example.

There we were, strolling down Powell Street, walking right by Union Square and we were hit with it: an enormous, floor-to-ceiling, column-wrapped video screen of bigger than life fashion. Just like a front seat at the runway.

This marvelous brand engagement experience was being brought to us by Express. Express describes themselves as: Express is the must-have sexy, sophisticated fashion brand for work, the weekend, or going out. It’s what’s new and what’s now for young fashion-forward women and men.

Ok, but we had limited awareness of Express before being mesmerized by their digital merchandising.

Isn’t that the point? We got their message. Loud and clear.

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