Don’t Get Stuck with a Long-term Digital Merchandising Contract

Banking & Financial


It constantly amazes us here at K&D when we hear about banks and credit unions trapped in long-term digital merchandising/signage contracts. It’s bad enough to be committed 3 or 5 years in this day of constant change, but recently it came to our attention that a potential client was still paying a individual branch digital merchandising contract fee on a closed branch. Really?

That’s not right.

And in another instance we heard about, contract lengths of new branches were being added on top of the contract lengths of existing branches… pushing the end dates out to 2020. Really?

That’s not right.

We would actually prefer not to have contracts at all. But those legal guys that keep our business on the right track insist that we have formal agreements. OK, we get that. So we reluctantly agreed to having terms of 90 days. 90 days. That’s it. Cancelable at any time, for any reason, no questions asked, with 90 days notice.

Now that should be right.

Ask about contracts when dealing with digital merchandising providers. Ask K&D clients about our contracts. If you don’t know any, we can direct you to them. We want to do business based around trust in our relationship, not based on contractual commitments.

That’s the right way.

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