Double-Duty Digital Signage from K&D Serves Training Function

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Employee & Internal

During business hours a digital signage program presents highly branded and relevant marketing messages to customers and members inside the branch. Alone, that would be worthy enough of a marketing investment. But how about some extra bang for the buck? Many of K&D’s clients keep their screens humming after hours for training purposes.

Makes sense, right? Why have staff travel to a central location during precious daytime selling hours for training when they can simply view live or taped training content right in their home branch? The K&D iPoster system can easily be scheduled to automatically switch from customer-facing messages to internal ones and employees can learn “on the job.”

Our client, Kennebunk Savings, will sometimes send a regional training specialist to the branch to augment the digital program. “We’re able to have more personal and more detailed discussions around specific training issues after viewing the content with our front line associates,” says Jenny Straezt, Kennebunk Marketing Coordinator. “It clearly reduces time and cost associated with this important function.”

Training presentations can be controlled locally with a hand-held remote, or can be set to run automatically on a specific schedule. Whatever your preference for training might be, clearly you can get additional return on your digital signage investment when you use the K&D iPoster system so your staff can all get the message.

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