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Every industry is being impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. For our friends and colleagues we’re happy to provide free, helpful content for your social media channels and digital signs, ready to download and use.

Work @ Home Tips download videos

Coronavirus Myth Busters slides video loop

World Health Organization Coronavirus Questions and Answers video

World Health Organization logo on white background

Financial Preparedness During a Pandemic slides video loop

As your full-service digital signage partner, we are ready to help you communicate changes to your customers and employees quickly and easily through your digital signage network. Remember, we can:

  • Update your content such as revised hours
  • Create new content you need right now

Our support teams are working regular shifts and are ready to help:

Please reach out to us if we can help your business run more smoothly during this unprecedented time.

Why are monitors costlier than TV?

Monitors require a computer signal. Televisions can display a computer signal and have a built-in tuner to receive over-the-air signals. Monitors come in two grades, residential and commercial. Residential TV screens are available at big box stores like BestBuy, Costco, Walmart, and others. Residential screens are not warranted for use in commercial applications. Commercial screens are available in two grades, 16-hour daily use and 24-hour daily use. Prices are commensurate. An experienced digital signage company can help you choose which solution makes the most sense for your application.

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