Ford Creates Driving Experience at Dealerships with Interactive Kiosks

Customer & Brand

When Ford Trucks identified its customers’ needs, the company realized something was different about its particular demographic – these customers want a lot of information about product, especially the new, redesigned F-150 truck.

Its customers wanted to see the F-150’s insides, watch it in action and learn about the utility of the vehicle. After all, F-150 customers often use their truck for multiple purposes beyond everyday casual driving: towing, hauling and off-roading, and more. For prospective buyers, it’s very important to understand how the truck handles all of these different tasks.


Ford kiosk experience

Ford realized that it needed to provide customers with the ability to dig deep, to show the construction of the vehicle – information a customer typically can’t find when simply talking to a salesperson. The company wanted to build an experience that would allow customers to interact with and learn the story of the F-150.

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