Headed to CUNA MBDC Conference? Then Head to the K&D Booth to Win Big!

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Once again Kiosk & Display will be exhibiting at the CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council Conference and this year it’s set for March 20 – 23 at the spectacular Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA. Like you, we’re excited to see old friends, learn best practices in credit union marketing and simply MAKE IT HAPPEN.

And, we could make it happen for you! Drop by our booth to see us and we’ll hook you up to possibly win some great prizes… no pain required!

All you have to do is agree to have a Kiosk & Display demo completed by April 15, 2016 and we’ll enter your name in a drawing for the chance to win one of the following (your choice):

  • cuna-location$8,250 worth of creative development for your retail messaging screens
  • A $500 gift card
  • Free badge for 2016 Financial Brand Forum!

Of course you already know that K&D develops award-winning content for retail brands nationwide. Channels include digital lobby screens, touch screens, marketing Apps, Facebook movies, drive-up screens, ATM screens, eBlast artwork, print on demand kiosks, tablets, social media animations and much more! We’re truly your source for onmnichannel messaging for all your screens.

But did you know we can deliver all this great content at low rates, and the best part is… you don’t have to invest much of your precious time to manage it. We’ll take care of it all and we’ll MAKE IT HAPPEN!

See you at the booth!

urlPS: Are you a classic rock fan? David Gilmour, the legendary Pink Floyd guitarist is playing Thursday night of CUNA conference @ Hollywood Bowl!  This is a very rare opportunity. Jon, President of K&D is a big fan and found a single ticket, some may still be available. If you are interested in going, let’s meet up before the show. jon@kioskanddisplay.com

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