Heard at the Show. The 2012 CUNA MBDC Show.

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Straight from marketers attending the CUNA MBDC Conference…

Credit Union A

“Our I.T. department hates our current digital merchandising provider, so we shopped around and we are using a new provider. The new provider promised features which literally don’t work at all.”

He goes on to say that they’re very frustrated with:

  • Local News RSS feeds are not anything close to automatic.
  • Many branches still using dialup so commercials and videos take forever to load
  • 3 rate boards at different resolutions require 3 different creative updates each week

We reinforced with this marketer that with Kiosk & Display, all of these features work on the first day, just ask for the references to prove it.

Credit Union B

“Our current digital signage provider keeps sending us CD-ROM’s of templates that we won’t allow on our branded screens. I wish they would stop sending them. We do all digital screen creative in-house because we can’t find anyone who can reliably and quickly create graphics worthy of our brand”.

We responded that with Kiosk & Display, all creative is fast and affordable, if you don’t like something K&D produces, we’ll get it right in 24 hours or you won’t be charged.

Credit Union C

“My current digital signage system requires me to manually access each branch using their IP address and update each screen, one at a time.”

We were proud to tell this marketer that with Kiosk & Display, all updates are sent out centrally and all screens get their updates in 10 minutes or less.

We’re looking forward to earning the business of these frustrated marketers. They don’t have time for these types of problems. They’re all easily solvable…their current provider just has to care. We do. Call us and we’ll tell you how we resolved these issues, and more!

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