K&D Celebrates 10 Years of Delivering Digital Signage

Digital Signage

On November 6th, 2001 The Kiosk & Display Company was incorporated in the State of Georgia and that day marked the start of a wonderful adventure that continues today. Back then times were a bit different. It was months after 9/11 and the United States had been stunned like never before. But, it still seemed like the logical time to start a business. As Sinatra said, “If you make it there, you can make it anywhere.”

How it all started:

The majority of Kiosk & Display’s business back then was servicing Wachovia banking kiosks inside Harris Teeter grocery store branches across the southeast as well as helping a handful of other (then smaller) customers manage their growing fleets of kiosks. The Wachovia kiosks were highlighted by full motion video actors explaining various products combined with a branch locator that was super interactive and very fun to use. In those days, 20″ touch screens had big (huge) rear tubes, and weighed 110 pounds, computers ran Windows 95 and no kiosks were connected to the Internet because there wasn’t online banking at most banks yet. Just one year later, in 2002, most kiosks were connected to the Internet and the primary purpose of the kiosks was to teach a newly launched mysterious service called “online banking” to bank customers.

As K&D continued to develop the kiosk product, requests started popping up from customers who needed help managing marketing messages on their in-branch television screens. These requests led to the development of the iPoster system most of you know about today. Customers like Flagstar Bank began connecting multiple digital merchandising systems together inside each branch. Those systems included kiosks, flat screen marketing screens, old fashioned tube TV marketing screens, drive up teller screens, projector screens, and even some ATM screens. The concept of “Single Stream Screen Management” was born as the easiest way for customers to combine all of the screens in their branches to a single update path or channel, eliminating the need for the marketing department to call 5 vendors every time a rate changed or disclaimer needed to be updated.

Our software developers can still hear the voice of the late football coach “Bo” Schembechler announcing “Welcome to Flagstar Bank’s Interactive Kiosk.”


Kiosk & Display services over 30 financial industry clients by developing custom digital merchandising content and the related technology platforms inside their branches. Thanks to all of you for letting us do what we love to do each day.

Looking forward:

We see technologies like big LED screens and large touch screens continuing to drop in price to become more and more affordable. This will make digital merchandising available to almost any small bank or credit union for the first time in history. Since technology will be the easy part, you can focus completely on developing a wonderful customer experience in your retail space by letting K&D develop great custom content for you. It is going to be a fun ride and we are just getting started. A big “thank you” to all of our clients who make all of this possible!

What a difference a decade makes:

In the photo gallery below you will see our first iPoster installation in 2002, a 60″ tube TV built into a huge expensive cabinet so the screen would appear “flat.” It was a real facilities feat. Today, branches can have 1,2 or 7 screens like the Michigan First Gen-Y branch below.

credit union lobby

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