K&D Gets Local with Digital Signage

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If you utilize digital merchandising in your branches, we have a couple of questions for you about your local content. And by “local,” we mean specifically local community news and local events for each branch location.

Are you being forced to accept regional news across your entire network of branches? Or in the case of a particular branch, are you being forced to accept a neighboring community’s news as the local news for that branch?

Chances are that you may be in this predicament because it is the number one complaint we hear from potential customers that are presently utilizing another digital signage provider. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to accept these pseudo-solutions.

At K&D we have mastered the technique of capturing true local news in the geographic trade area of each and every branch. Not only do we provide local news by branch, we insist on it. Nobody in your lobby wants to read about something that isn’t relevant for them. As a marketer, you don’t design your own messages that way, why would you accept your news that way?

Give us a call to break the chain of mediocrity and get local. Truly local. It’s the only real way for people to get the message.

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