K&D Marketplace Spotlight: Identity Group Launches “Personal Presenter”

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Oftentimes, we will feature products and services in this space from our strategic partners in branch merchandising. Today, we’re pleased to bring you an exciting new product offering from our good friends at Identity Group. K&D partners with Identity Group on many retail merchandising applications, usually some form of screen surround or free standing kiosk.

The Identity Group Personal Presenter is a versatile and unique merchandising element that combines the power of digital merchandising with the added bonus of stationary messaging to support your marketing communications in the branch. The workhorse of the display is a tablet device that’s connected to your digital merchandising network. If you don’t have a digital merchandising network, then you need to give K&D a call and ask for information on our award-winning iPoster platform.

Personal Presenter Postcard

The tablet is super easy to set-up and within minutes you’ll have it working along with your custom messages surrounding it. And since you can choose to go wireless, that means you only need a power source to get it up and running. The Personal Presenter comes in several configurations – desktop, wall-mount or free standing kiosk.

The Personal Presenter can act purely as a messaging screen, or for even more meaningful engagement, bring it to life with an interactive overlay and allow branch visitors to navigate to content relevant for their needs.

We’re excited at K&D to partner with Identity Group to bring this dynamic solution to enhance your branch communications. Give us a call and we’ll help you figure out many Personal Presenters you need!

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