K&D Now Offers Streaming Music Service for Branches

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OVerhead.FM screen

Kiosk and Display has partnered with a leading retail music provider, Overhead.fm, to bring in-branch music service to K&D clients.

“We spent considerable time vetting all music providers and we’re convinced that Overhead.fm offers the best of all worlds for our clients,” said K&D founder, Jon VanderMeer.

Overhead.fm has licensed every major recording for use in retail environments like branches. They handle the licensing so your branch users are listening to the right sound, whether it is the biggest pop hits, trendy indie acts, or great oldies.

They never play commercials. They select the very best music and create stations so you can have a great audio brand at the click of a button. You can choose from dozens of genres, moods, and vibes.

With Overhead.fm, there is no hardware to purchase. No proprietary box, no satellite dish, no hassle! Just contact K&D and we’ll get the ball rolling for your new sound.

It’s that easy!

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