Kiosk & Display Client Feature – Michigan First Credit Union

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Michigan First Credit Union’s Gratiot financial center is a technological marvel connected in part by a complete suite of Kiosk & Display products and services.

Michigan First CU branch kiosk

The large branch provides a nice balance of technologically-oriented self-service solutions combined with plenty of human interaction points, all designed for members to truly bank any way they want. Upon entering the store, team associates meet members with tablets in hand to help expedite the visit.

A series of member engagement stations dubbed “Cafés” ring the space and provide a natural flow of movement throughout. The Cash Café is a bank of smart ATMs designed to offload transactions from the teller line. The Coin Café incorporates a number of high-speed coin counters that deposit change directly into accounts. And the Card Café showcases an opportunity for members to choose images via tablets to personalize their MFCU cards.

In addition to the tablets and cafés, MFCU deploys two free-standing digital posters and three digital signs. K&D’s holistic digital messaging approach ensures single-source management of all screens and content throughout the facility.

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