Meritrust CU Replaces Existing Digital Merchandising Platform with iPoster by K&D

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A huge, nationwide branch merchandising company could not serve the digital merchandising needs of a small credit union in America’s heartland.

The marketing department at Meritrust Credit Union, Wichita, had major troubles maintaining and updating content from the big provider. They felt that their existing platform was clumsy to use, that they had to convert and load content in an ever-changing variety of file formats and any time they reached out to their provider, there was a glaring lack of support.

Enter Kiosk & Display to save the day, with the easy-to-use iPoster Digital Merchandising platform.

digital screen in lobby

Not only did the K&D solution work right out of the gate, but we’re now several weeks into the rollout and the few minor snags that have occurred were handled immediately. All eight Meritrust branches are now on the same, seamless platform.

Even the ad agency was impressed. They were the ones who recommended K&D and have been pleased with the results. The three-way partnership has been beneficial for all sides.

In some branches, Meritrust put the new K&D displays on a branded wall so the screens were part of an enhanced and engaging member experience. And already in the pipeline is a new interactive Engagement Station for Meritrust’s Tallgrass branch which will require slightly different digital content.

At K&D we’re starting to see more integration of digital screens and interactive screens into larger environmental branded solutions. Forward-thinking clients are going well beyond just a “screen screwed to the wall.”

Are you thinking outside the box when it comes to new ways to deploy digital merchandising? K&D LIVES outside the box. It’s safe to say that those big merchandising providers don’t. And won’t.

Let us help your clients get your message.

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