Miss the ABA Marketing Conference? Here Are The Key Takeaways.

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If you didn’t get the chance to attend the ABA Marketing Conference in Denver a few weeks ago, don’t fret. We’ve got the essentials recapped here for easy digestion. Highlights from keynote speeches by Joe Pulizzi and Josh Linkner lead off our overview:

Epic Essentials for your Content Marketing – Joe Pulizzi

  • Define a mission for your content – keeps you focused
  • Choose one audience: define what’s delivered; define the outcome
  • Create a 12-17 minute content video and post on Youtube
PowerPoint Slide ABA Bank Marketing Conference
Joe Pulizzi

Working your Innovation – Josh Linkner

  • Innovation enables you to stop selling on price
  • Being creative can beat the complacent giants (think Dollar Shave Club)
  • Start with everyday innovation in everything you do
conference attendees at ABA Bank Marketing Conference
Josh Linkner

Gearshift to Anytime Banking – Kiosk & Display

  • Move beyond traditional brick & mortar hours
  • Migrate transactions to kiosk banking
  • Layer content options like advice and planning for true anytime banking
bank ad for anytime banking
Fidelity Bank Anytime Banking

Want more information on any of these ABA Marketing Conference takeaways? Give us a shout and we’ll have you up to speed in no time. It will be almost as if you were there.

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