Network feed ad too racy for digital merchandising, K&D gets it changed

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In today’s “anything goes” media environment, we’ve all become a little desensitized to provocative imagery and for the most part we’ve also resigned ourselves to the fact that there’s not too much that can be done about it. But that’s not always the case as your creative team at Kiosk & Display recently found out by going straight to the offending source.

As part of the network feeds that we can embed into our digital merchandising schedules, one recently contained small banner ads for one of their advertisers. Since we vet these secondary news-style feeds pretty thoroughly we usually don’t have to worry about the suitability of their content and advertisers. However, one recent ad crossed the line just enough that we heard a few complaints. It was an ad promoting an upcoming television show. The ad featured an image of a young woman in undergarments and she was positioned in, shall we say, a very flattering pose.

After we heard about it, and agreed that the image didn’t belong in a branch environment, we contacted the network and asked that they cease running the ad. Not only did they agree to dropping it, but they vowed to monitor future feeds to avoid a similar situation from occurring in the future.

Would another digital merchandising provider go to such great lengths to keep a client satisfied that they would actually be able to alter a network’s programming? Don’t know, but we at Kiosk & Display know that people need to get your messages, and those messages need to meet decency standards.

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