No Working Media Player Handy for you to Review Content and Animation Loops? No problem, K&D Has a Solution.

Digital Signage

vimeoKeeping up with all the media players and flash animation players can be a source of irritation, not to mention frustration. Add to the situation your organization’s firewalls and IT protocol and quite possibly your computer’s media player (if you have one) will just sit there…frozen in time. And you’re trying to approve the latest digital merchandising content from your friends at Kiosk & Display…if only you could see it!

We feel your pain and we can make your life easier. We can post our content on, send you a link and you can view it on just about any device, even that smartphone in your hand.

What could be easier? Just let us know that this is your preferred method of review and we’ll have you up and viewing in no time.

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