Our Most Popular Post for 2015… Feeding the Digital Merchandising Content Appetite

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(Repeated from 8/17/15)

blog-collage-082015Creating custom branded content for your digital merchandising platform is an on-going and time-consuming journey. As you may have discovered, having enough fresh, relevant and interesting messages can be a daunting task.

Your content strategists at Kiosk & Display know first-hand the hours required to create and develop custom messages, as we do it on a daily basis. We believe in the power of creating brand-specific content that you “own”. Your in-branch playlist should comprise of at least 75% of this type of messaging.

But to fill 100% of your playlist time, you may want to turn to syndicated news feeds. These third-party content providers can help fill the voids, provide transitions between your custom animations and entertain your viewers. Some of our favorites that we often recommend are:

  • GIZMAG TECHNOLOGY FEED: Up to the minute news in all things technology-related
  • MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES: Inspirational quotations from notable individuals
  • FINANCIAL TIPS: Sound advice from experts on everyday financial situations and ways to save money without losing your lifestyle
  • SOFT NEWS: Hand-selected and edited stories without objectionable material
  • TRIVIA & FACTOIDS: Multiple Categories of Trivia, including Multiple Choice right/wrong answer, and factoids
  • SPORTS SCORES, NEWS AND STATS: Top scores from Professional and Collegiate Sports, Golf, Hockey, and Auto Racing.
  • GAME NOTES AND STATS: Pre & Post Game Notes from many different sports
  • HEALTHY LIVING: Tips to improve your health, from exercise to diet.

These are just a few of the options available to import into your playlist. Give us a call to discuss best practices on incorporating them into your daily appetite of content. They’re a great way to extend your inventory of available messages.

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