Paying It Forward at Kiosk & Display


As 2012 comes to an end, it’s time to reflect back on our year, while at the same time looking ahead to 2013. As hopefully you’ve come to learn, at K&D we’re passionate about our clients, our services and our associates. We wouldn’t have a successful business without any of these elements.

We’re also passionate about giving back. We have community causes that resonate with our organization just like you have with yours. They are all worthwhile. And we’d like to help every one of them. But alas, we can’t, so we sort through the many requests that we receive on an annual basis and make determinations on where to share our success.

Do you have a community cause that you would like us to get involved with in 2013? If so, we’d like to hear about it. Please take a moment and tell K&D why you’d like to have us on your team. We’ll pick several to support for the year as we pay it forward in 2013.

Please send your requests directly to our president and founder, Jon VanderMeer, at:

Thank you and Happy New Year.

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