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If you’re going to be known as “the smart place to bank,” then you’d better be able to back that up in your marketing, advertising and digital merchandising. Peach State Federal Credit Union, formerly Gwinnett Federal Credit Union, re-branded itself about two years ago with a financial education position. This serves them well, as education groups are a big part of their member base. Peach State Federal Credit Union is consistently promoting financial education as one of their key differentiators, and that includes using their iPoster Engagement Stations from K&D as a primary communication vehicle in their branches.

They do this by utilizing custom branded content created by the K&D creative team that breaks the mold of traditional financial education tips. Generic tidbits found on the internet were just too fundamental and Peach State Federal Credit Union wanted to step up their game.

This led to the custom program…Smart Tips. K&D content specialists create all tips and then visually transform them into arresting visuals that command attention every time they appear in the play list.

Do you need a custom content program to embrace your brand position? Don’t settle for generic messages and templates…give us a call to discuss how we can bring your brand to life in the branch.

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